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    starting a repo company?

    sabre87 Wayfarer
      im a 22 yr old male wanting to start a repo company just south of indianapolis indiana. all i know about this field of work is what i have read on the internet. i know i need to start a buisness plan...i know i need equiptment...i know i need a customer base...ect. outside of those sentences im not positive on where i should start or what it all really means. im not even sure on what quetions i should be asking. any and all advice is welcomed and needed. thank you
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          Hey Sabre,

          Do you have friends that have a repo company that can guide you? Once LUCKIEST gets here, he'll tell you all about SCORE, which is free consulting from the SBA. It's quite good.
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              sabre87 Wayfarer
              no i dont know any1who is into repo. i sure wish i did lol. i want to go to repo companies in my area and ask their advice but i assume they would just view me as possible competition and not offer any advice.
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                  The key to finding another repo company to interview is to find a city of similar population to your area. Do research in that city for repo companies and see if any of them are willing to take some time with you for an interview. You can do searches on or to get your demographic information. Repo companies outside your area will not likely view you as a competitor and may be more willing to take some time with you.


                  Have your questions ready before you call on them. If a manager or business owner is willing to take the time with you, don't waste their time. You want to be able to get into appropriate questions right away. It will show that you are professional and passionate about starting your business. If you start with, "I don't know what questions to ask..." you run the risk of getting a response of, "I don't have the time."


                  You may need to offer some kind of gift to send to those that are willing to take the time with you.


                  I have Research a page on my site that gives some of the appropriate questions to ask and sources for finding those answers. Here's the link:




                  Once you get there, you will see a "Planning" tab, too. If you review the various sections of a business plan along with what I recommend you include in those sections, it will help you come up with other necessary questions.


                  I hope this helps for a start.


                  Doug Dolan


                  The Solopreneur's Guide


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