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    Advertising Brand Names

    snccigars Adventurer

      Is it legal to advertise brand names with the permission of those companies? We buy our cigars from a distributor, not from the cigar companies directly. If I sell XYZ Cigars, but have no direct relationship with that company, can I advertise in the local paper as "selling XYZ Cigars" or would I have to simply say "carrying major name brands?"
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          snccigars Adventurer
          Sorry, opening line should be " Is it legal to advertise brand names WITHOUT the permission of those companies?"
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            There are two primary ways that you can move forward:


            1. Ask your distributors to find out from the manufacturers if there are any restrictions to using their company name and logo in your advertising. They should be able to run your question back up the supply chain and get you an answer.


            When I worked as a VP of Sales & Marketing for a manufacturing company in another field, we had contractual agreements defining the rights to use our name and logo in marketing. We gave that document to our distributors, resellers, VARs, etc... who in turned pass it along to their customers. The same may hold true in your scenario.


            2. The other options is to go ahead and use the names and logos without permission and see if you get cease and desist letters from the manufactures. As long as you are using their information in a professional manner to help sell their product, chances are you will be OK.


            I recommend you try the first option. If you aren't getting any answers back, you can try the latter option.


            Hope this helps.


            Doug Dolan


            The Solopreneur's Guide