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    Getting published - how to?

    Generation4 Adventurer
      I've always thought it would be great to write a book and get it published. And certainly even better if I can collect royalty fees from people purchasing. I have no experience in this industry. Does anyone know how a novice like me - can shop their book to a true publishing house? I have no connections to anyone in this industry.
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          slavaret Adventurer
          What's the book about?
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              bizopps4u Newbie

              The Bad News
              William Collins and Sons Ltd, in the UK, now part of Murdock's published my first book. The prnted 15,000 copies and it took then five yaers to sell them The marketing director confided that they spend very, very little on promoting their books, "We lose money on nine out of ten books. A book either sinks or swims. If it sinks we let it drown. If it floats we prnote it."

              The good news
              I wrote my How To book in seven days. I self-published the first 1,000 copies and sold them all in a month without spending a penny on advertising. I sent out Press Releases to all the UK media.

              The demand was so great I had to reprint it twice in the next two months. A literary friend with 16 books
              in print (Alexander Cordell) was the one who advised me not to self-publish any more.

              Oh boy, was he ever wrong!

              Now I write and publish simple tips reports and booklets. I sell them on the Internet and by direct mail
              I have writen an E-book on how too self-publish your own tips booklets. Send me a blank E-mail with
              "Tips Booklets and your FIrst Name" as the Subject.
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              Without connections, it's difficult to get a literary agent -- and without an agent, it's difficult to get the attention of a major publisher (which is what I assume you meant by a "true publishing house"). However, POD technology and independent publishing are dramatically changing the industry, so unlike the "vanity presses" of old, small publishing firms and even self-publishing can be a successful and profitable route for getting your first book out.

              Even so, it's still a highly competitive marketplace. Last year the "majors" released about 33,000 new titles, while indies and self-publishers released about 117,000 new titles (that's almost 3,000 new releases each week!) Source: Publishers Weekly. More than 15 million Americans say they have already written a book for publication (while only 93 million American adults say they have actually read a book since finishing their formal education). That's a lot of writers and a lot of product for a fairly limited number of buyers/readers.

              So like any new business endeavor in a competitive marketplace, you'll want to begin with a solid plan. You ideally want to know who would buy and read your book (and in what quantity) before you even begin to write it, edit it, market it, or think about submitting it to an agent, publisher, or POD outfit.

              Hope this helps. Best wishes!
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                BDS INC Adventurer
                Have you ever thought about self publishing? There are plenty of company's that help writers who want to put out self published books. Now you may not end up on the NY Times best sellers list for your first few books but if you really want to go into this industry for the long haul, this is a good way to get started.

                Random House even has a venture to help new writers self publish their books.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Generation, You have come to the right place, Almost everybody has the dream of writting a book.
                  Fiction or Non Fiction?? Do you have to have an idea for the book??, the subject??. Then almost like a
                  business plan, you have to write an outline, a proposal, and find an agent.
                  Tell us more about yourself. It usually takes about two years from start to finish to publish a book.
                  I do have experience in the publishing industry
                  Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    bizopps4u Newbie
                    From Bizopps4u.
                    Re Self-Publishing advice. I did not see a Spell Checker on the site I gave an incorrect e-mail Sorry!
                    The correct address is
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                      maidofjade Newbie
                      Talk to the PRO! Check it out: I found that site a few years ago, and it was the best Internet discovery I ever made: they offer FAST publishing, quality service and fair pricing. Besides, you may pick up a few freelance writing jobs that pay well there -- if writing is your thing. I searched high and low for advice on the same subject, and I honestly can say this site provides the most complete and up-to-date information. Oh, and the best part: it's not all dry and businessy, they make it fun too!
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                        Lighthouse24 Ranger

                        The WritersWeekly publishing partner is Booklocker, which is one of several places you can pay to publish your book for you. At $492, they are less expensive than most, and seem to have many satisfied clients like maidofjade. Still, if you have a book with a $15 cover price and they pay a 15 percent royalty, you have to sell 219 copies just to recoup the fee you pay them. (That doesn't sound like many when you think in terms of Harry Potter volume, but 91 percent of the new books released last year have not sold 200 copies yet. Again, a solid plan will help determine if the "pay to be published" route makes sense for you.)
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                            intechspecial Ranger
                            There are other aspiring writers here as well!

                            I dream of writing a book some day as well, unfortunately my words lack relevant meaning. Not to say there is not importance behind every sylable, as there is the utmost importance to me.

                            I aspired to be a comedian as well, although people laughed, my jokes were not funny, they were laughing at me, not with me. No need to worry I am an accomplished as comedian as they did laugh.

                            I am an accomplished musician as well, I have played in front of potentially over 100,000 people, but have lost count, and felt at one point that I was one of the greats, till the day a 7 year old played a piece that I had been learning for 15 years.

                            Also, I am an accomplished poet, by my own right, as these words flutter into your brain, you wonder what is the point of this, where is the cumination to his story?

                            I dream of writing a book, and even if only my dream, I will continue to dream, and maybe one day, I will be the aspiring writer that inspires others.
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                            NEfaninFL Newbie
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                                intechspecial Ranger
                                I will have to check the website out.
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                                  Lighthouse24 Ranger
                                  Lulu is a good option if you are self-publishing and they are basically serving as your printer (in other words, your write it, have it edited, get an ISBN, and give them a print-ready digital file including cover art and page layouts according to their specs). Their prices are reasonable, they make the process relatively simple, and are very easy to work with. In my opinion, their POD product was a little below commercial quality, but certainly good enough for something with limited distribution that you would sell directly (as opposed to trying to place it in bookstores).
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                                  CEO Space Scout

                                  2 true stories that illustrate publishing via an agent/publisher or self publishing. I hope this helps you.

                                  My husband had written a book 16 years ago and had wanted to get it published. Knowing that The Chicken Soup for the Soul books and Men Are from Mars and Women are from Venus and other Best Sellers were launched from the CEO Space network, I took him with me there. He got all the information about publishing or self publishing. He decided on self publishing in Sept. 2007 and went to and published his book. (In case you want to check it out it is titled "Beyond Time".)

                                  After that, a friend of mine also told me she wanted to publish her book. She had already gone to all the writers events and spent thousands of dollars to really no avail. It appeared to be a catch 22, you have to be published to get an agent and you have to have an agent to get published. I told her about the network again and invited her in July 2007. She came, found a top agent and now has a publishing contract not for her just one book, but for 2 books with an option for more. Her book is in editing now and is slated to come out in May, 2008.

                                  So to summarize:

                                  self publish you could try

                                  publisher I would suggest you get in a network that has already launched many best selling authors and find an agent. The network I mention or any one. Just make sure they have actually launched some authors and don't just pay anyone money unless you get references showing results.

                                  Good Luck.
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                                    amynwesley Adventurer
                                    Hi my name is Amy Wesley, owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising. I am a published author myself and a working on my next project.
                                    Mirror, Mirror my first book was published verbatim, without editorial input without the help of an agent and without connections to anyone in the industry. I submitted it to PublishAmerica, a small publishing company in Baltimore, Maryland and they have been just great throughout the whole process. This is a traditional publishing company, meaning they pay royalties. When my book sells I get money.
                                    To find out more about PublishAmerica, visit Check out my website at and email me if you have any questions,
                                    Good Luck With Everything
                                    From One Writer to Another
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                                      Generation4 Adventurer
                                      Thank you to everyone. I know what I am doing this weekend - writing!