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    How to find Sales Partners

    massesoft Newbie
      We are a web - software company, Massesoft ( ), in business for quite sometime now. We have expertise in Web design, development and E-commerce portals. We also provide content writing, SEO and Print Media Services. We are working with local and international clients. Since we have limited budget at this point so we are looking for sales agent in US, UK and EU to penetrate deeper in the market. We are looking to settle a fixed % of share for every project we will get through the person and if this thing works out may be later if seems feasible we can settle a fulltime business office with him. I have tried to locate couple of people through various networks but couldn't find any suitable person.

      So, I would like to have your words that what could be the best way to go about finding a sales partner in these three regions. I know their are people with work and good contacts but how can I reach them?

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          bpfinance Adventurer
          If your products are good and not overpriced, it should not be difficult to find suitable sales-people. Are you looking for someone to be actively contacting potential customers or someone who would just put an affiliate link to your website?

          We may be able to assist you in finding interested parties as well as assist you with other business questions. Let me know.

          Jeremy Barfield
          Chief Forum Response Correspondent

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              massesoft Newbie
              Hello Jeremy

              We would be more interested in finding someone who could contact personally to the potential customers. We have two web related products One is a school management system and other is an Online Sales Application. Along this we can also provide websites, CMS based web designs, E-commerce Portals and Search Engine Optimization services.

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              LUCKIEST Guide
              How to find Sales Partners,

              Interesting. Tell me more. Who are you?? Where are you located?? (in the U S??)

              You say that you have been in business "for quite some time".

              Have you developed a business and marketing plan??


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