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    Opening A Clothing Store

    goingallin Newbie
      My wife and I are looking to open a clothing store. We are moving from California back to Wisconsin.I have researched the area we are moving to and have found no stores that carry the lines we are looking at.The population of the city and surrounding areas within a 20 mile radius is approx.125,000 to 150,000 with 10 high schools and 1 university. We are looking to carry SKIN,SRH,and comparable lines. We want to carry hats,beenies,t-shirts,hoodies and sweatshirts. Any information available regarding distributors or contacts would be greatly appreciated.
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          alytus Scout
          hello, you should create a buisness plan
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            goingallin Newbie
            Thanks for the advice. I am looking to that now. I forgot to mention that we are using our own funds and are not going to pursue individual investors. Depending on total start up we are considering looking into a small buisness loan. Again any help on distributors or contacts and advice from people in similar situations is appreciated.
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              Henderson Wayfarer
              Have you found a location for your shop? # of parking spaces...have you ever thought of opening a second hand thrift store for teens? The teens can drop off their merchandise...if it's in good condition, you can give them a fair price or they can leave it on consignment...teens pay a lot for gently used stuff in good condition that is trendy. Any universities in the area you're looking at? Just an idea...we have a store here...they do a tremendous business and the kids pay a fortune for used's unbelievable!
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                wilson518 Adventurer
                What is the most important in retail shop? Location,location,still location.Carefully observing the environment and analyzing the client group.Good luck!

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                  betty333 Wayfarer
                  u can open a net store, like this :


                  hope it will help u
                  best regards
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                    koln123 Tracker

                    I came across this old post related to where to open a new location, maybe it will be a piece of info for others.


                    Even if you have determined that there is "no one else within 20 miles offering this line", once you find a location you are interested in, I suggest the following if possible:


                    Sit in a retail eatery, coffee shop, or your car in the parking lot of the location you want, on several different days over the course of at least a couple of weeks.   Sit during what you would have anticpated to be the busy times, what you would have anticipated to be the slow times. 


                    Look at how many people are in the immediate area.  How many people are walking or driving by what would be your location.    Many people are not going to reseach your product and find your store before going there.  A lot of customers will still be organic, but they must  be able to see you. 


                    A close family member opened a 2nd store, out of state, in Aspen some a handfull of years ago.    The strip center location was good, but she signed a 2 year lease for an upstairs store somewhat towards the back as well.    It almost bankrupted her.   She said if she had just sat at the McDonald's across the street for a few

                    days, she would have observed that the foot traffic just did not get upstairs as much, and the ones that did, just focused on the first few stores, not nearly as much the stores on the "endcap" upstairs..