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    Starting A Clothing Business

    BenJSykes1125 Newbie
      Hey Guys,

      Im starting a business i have logos, name, designs, printers just about everything i need... but i need help finding someone reliable to outsource my stuff to so i can get shirts, pants, board shorts and things like that made... things like this make me a little nervous of getting ripped off or something like that... just wanted any advice? or to no if anyone already had there foot in the door?

      Thanks for the Help,
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting A Clothing Business

          What kind of advice, Ben?? Do you have an accountant??

          Have you developed a business plan??

          Good luck
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              BenJSykes1125 Newbie
              Yes thank you! i have got everything i need down to the money I'm just a little nervous about this next step i really don't want to get ripped off... i just need some help or advice or leads on people who can make my clothing for me... Any help would be amazing thank again!
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                  bpfinance Adventurer
                  Well, essentially, when looking for a company to go with in this situation, you need to decide what your goal is. Are you trying to find a company with a low price, a company with a lot of selection, or a company with top quality items? Who is your target market? Are you trying to sell to surfers, athletes, businessmen, children? This is important information to know before you start looking for a vendor. And if you have already thought about it and know the answer, that is important information for us to know in order to assist you in finding a vendor.

                  If you need any additional assistance in finding a suitable vendor, feel free to contact me.

                  Jeremy Barfield
                  Chief Forum Response Correspondent
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                There are a ton of outsourced providers in directories such as check that out!
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                  I own a sourcing consultancy that has been helping start-up and small businesses locate reliable factories in China for over two years. I have experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process, from finding the right size factory to price negociation to import procedures. In addition, I have experience with arranging confidentiality agreements to ensure brand protection. If any of this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact me at tjhe web address below. I would be happy to chat with you.

                  Web Address:
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                    Melbear2009 Wayfarer
                    Finding a good manufacturer is the hardest part. I use because it is free to post jobs, and manufacturers bid on your work. Hope that helps.
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                      GratisSoft Newbie
                      Hi Benjamin
                      Excuse me for inerrupting, you say you have logos, design, prints and so on ... but do you have a website ? I see you have no signature. It could be really useful for your business to have a nice website and a proper signature. The signature is found by google when you post in forums, google lists your site and business as relevant on the topic, so your business would have more public.
                      My company can help for a professional and modern website design development.
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                        SLifestyle Wayfarer
                        What I can tell you is,
                        1. Find a reliable US based company that has experience in outsourcing the work or actually own factories overseas. That way you can keep in touch with the actual company that you're handing money over to and if any suspicions should arise.. yit's easier to take legal action.. (which I doubt any should)
                        (a). when you find one, just ask for a list of their previous clients and ask if they mind you contacting them. When you do, you can ask all your deepest fears... eg. how reliable are they? Are they trust worthy? What's the turn around time? Do they provide good customer service? Are their clothing made from good quality fabrics? etc...

                        You might pay a little bit more, but atleast you're going to be somewhat in a safe zone.

                        2. Find an international manufacturer and ask what their minimum is, if it fits in your budget, I'd say take the risk and do the minimum.. There's only one way to find out and that's to just do it.
                        If you do keep this mind set of someone's going to rip you off.. I can tell you you wont make it that far. Just think about it, you seem very confident in everything you have thus far, but all that's holding you back is the trust factor...

                        Anyways, keep me updated with your progress if you don't mind
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                          As a matter of fact I do know of someone, Benjamin. His name is Dejon and he runs his clothing line here in Los Angeles through several shops on Melrose blvd. and other major fashion districts around LA. I will give you the opportunity to speak with him and see if he can help you out with a few of your concerns.

                          He also runs his clothing line out of It's a social network for business and ecommerce. It's beginning to catch on very quickly and might help you with your businesses online presence.

                          Put your business on and see if it works for you.