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    Good advertising blogs? Newbie
      Which blogs do you guys think are the best blogs for helping entrepreneurs with their advertising efforts?
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          SolomonRK Newbie
          Your own
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            Have you looked at the daily MediaPost email blasts? That's the best I've seen. Plus, you can read if you want Internet marketing tips for small business.
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              vnavguys Tracker
              Your own blog is the most effective. Think about it, you control the content and you control the theme and relevancy. Everyone will tell you that you can just spread the ads around on any old website, that is horrible advice. Build a blog and then blog about your industry, not your product or service. Then take and make an ad and put it on there.
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                SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer

                Short answer which one is works better for you whit lower cost/effort and more conversion or feed back for you. But how can find it? Do some research.

                IMO there is no good advertising blog in general. You need to know your audience just an entrepreneur is not good enough.

                For more technical discussion you can use Linkedin group in general. But you need to find which blog is related to your idea, service or product. By the other hand you need to know how are you looking for and where you can find them?

                Are you looking for quality or quantity?

                You must specify your audience and then find their interest and the any blog is just a channel. By using any channel you need to have good content and a motive for your audience.

                IMO do more research about your target audience your question or offer and try to find them. Just advertising is not works. Advertise for what? for who? Who are your competitors? what do you have to offer? How you express your offer? and many more questions.

                By answering above questions you can find better view. For establishing a business you can use or For investor you can search for venture capitalist or partner but you need to be more specific.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Is your question "which blog will help me advertise my business?" OR "which blog will help me learn more about how to advertise my business?"

                  This wasn't clear in your question and most responses seem to be addressing the first one. If it is the second question then that is a different matter.

                  So, which one is it?