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    I am trying to start up a retail business

    robinson100 Wayfarer
      I have did everything i was suppose to do paper wise to get in compliance with opening a retail business. I have a llc, ein, open a business bank account, registered with the ccr, have my business permit. I worked for three months on a business proposal to try and get grants. The man that was writing my proposal scamed me and kept my proposal and i still have no ideal why. My credit history alone is not good enough to get a loan to start my business. Now i'm stuck with a $700.00 a month building with nothing in it. I mean i didn't just want to sell cloth. I was gonna give back to the community by sponsoring kids, feeding the elderly and even going out to the elderly homes who couldn't get out and let them shop from home. I wanted to be the first retail store in my town that catered to the people true needs. Now i don't know where to turn and who to turn to. I even wanted after two years to branch out with my own line. I even drew out pictures to include with the proposal of just how serious i was about that.