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    Smart Phone

    sooner Wayfarer
      Looking for recommendations on the best smart phone for business people.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          sooner, there have been many posts and recommendations on the best smart phone for business people.
          Check back over the last two weeks, LUCKIEST
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            For AT&T, my preference is the BlackBerry Curve (or the BlackBerry 8820 if you want to spend $200 more for integrated Wi-Fi -- I didn't). From reading earlier threads in this community, people seem to swear by or swear at every wireless service provider, depending on the region they are in. AT&T has worked best for me in the southwestern U.S., so I've only seriously looked at the phones they offer/support. Hope this helps, though.
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              moogrdotcom Adventurer
              First, ask yourself why you need a smart phone. Do you really want to lock yourself into something that will cost you 2400.00 or more over a 2 year contract?

              Do you require email 24x7? Do you have applications that are usable on the small screen that you would need remote access to? Do you need pocket word/excell or other apps on the run? Would you use the functionality daily or just want the "cool factor" of having a gps/phone/gaming/video/mp3 device?

              I ask because a "smart phone" usually SUCKS as a phone. If you're on the phone a lot a free razor with a backup battery is smaller and easier to use and will only cost you a fraction of the fees of a smartphone (plans of 39/month vs an industry average of 79-99/month for data & voice smart phone plans)

              The best uses of smartphones are for remote sales people who can get pricing, delivry, crm/sales information over the phone or people who need information on demand 24x7.. for everyone else a budget phone works best.

              Depending on the industry you are in many large businesses require you to leave your smat phones at home or check them in if you visit for security/intellectual property protection.
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                NatOnline Tracker
                I've got a Blackjack from Samsung with Windows mobile, and all the go go gadgets.

                It was hard to get it without the services they wanted to sell me. I see only a potential use for business when my networks are down. If I decide to go with mobile high speed services I will connect the mobile phone to my laptop eventually.

                This AT&T mobile high speed is overpriced, I hope they will drop the price for this service and improve their main phone service (dropped calls).
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                  brandoneley Newbie
                  Do you have any more information about what you will be doing? There are a lot of smartphones out there, and from someone who's used just about every one of them, they each have strengths and weaknesses.

                  The phone I'd recommend for a real estate professional may not the the one I'd recommend for a company exec. There are so many features... camera, email, document editing, web browsing, etc. You need to think about what you will be using it for most. Do you want to read email on a commuter train ride to the office? Looking for a way to take documents with you? Need to take photos and upload them/send them while on the road?

                  Personally, I've had a Windows Mobile device, several Palm Treos, Blackberry Curve and now an iPhone. I love my iPhone, but I don't need to be typing thousands of emails. I can read them and reply with ease, and it fits my lifestyle... the web browing is great as is the camera.


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                    MoltenJavaDev Newbie
                    moogrdotcom nailed it on the head! Good job!
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                      ParkerWeb Newbie
                      The Blackberry Curve has been the best phone/PDA combo I've had for my business in years. I recommend it.
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                        EliteIT Wayfarer
                        Hands down, the Treo 800W is the best
                        business-class smart phone available. I've tried them all, from RIM to Apple,
                        to Nokia to Palm. It’s Windows Mobile "done right." Native GPS,
                        WiFi, EVDO Rev A, BlueTooth, great screen, fast processor, sufficient internal
                        memory, 2m camera, voice command and a respectable software suite (I get actual
                        work done with an portable keyboard - they've started to miss me in the
                        office). Plus TV to boot (I'm with Sprint), all on the new v6.1 Professional
                        platform. Only down side is the battery - you need to turn of losta the
                        wireless goodies to sustain battery life, but pales in comparison to the
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                            caffeinated Scout
                            I have to be honest, I didnt think they still made Treo's. Or that Palm was still in business. But you've piqued my interest so I read the reviews for the Treo 800W and its sounds like a great option for business customers. Good thing they slimmed down the design too. The earlier versions were like bricks
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                            DCDirect Wayfarer
                            My recommendations are:

                            Select a phone based on:
                            a) the largest screensize you can find
                            b) A keybord for ease of entering information (text messages)
                            c) Multi Country support (GSM)
                            d) For costs reasons when accessing the internet a WIFI connection

                            I personally have tested a multitude of phones but the Nokia 9500 / 9300i bricks are outstanding for ease of use.

                            Good luck with your selection.