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    Employee theft, Internal loss

    businessSIR Adventurer
      If anyone here is having a problem with a potential case of employee theft we at Business SIR (Security, Intelligence, Research) are here with consultation and advice. We are made up of Loss Prevention professionals who have worked for big box retailers in the past. We believe that all companies large and small have the right to protect themselves from theft and other forms of loss. We can teach you how to investigate the theft, gather evidence for possible prosecution, laws for internal theft interviews, and more.


      Internal theft cost companies billions of dollars world wide. Large businesses are using investigators to combat professional thieves on a daily basis. With the economy the way it is, a lot of employee theft is moving to small operations. The thought of the dishonest employee is that a small business cannot afford to look into theft cases like a large company can.


      Our consultants have given classes on: Identity theft, Counterfeit Money and Checks, Credit Card Fraud, Return Fraud, Time Theft, theft of Money and Merchandise.

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