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    Make credit whit EIN

    roni81 Newbie
      How i make credit whit my EIN? i open a new small business and already have a business bank acount.
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          massagefever Adventurer
          I would be interted to know from those of you who did not get a loan to begin your business, how exactly do you build credit under your TIN? I have 2 credit cards with it, but nothing more.
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            westroad Newbie
            Where did you go to get credit card with ein email me at kwyouthacademy@ftc-i,net an let me no
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              hawkseye Newbie
              Go to they give you detailed step by step information
              of how to get business credit starting with the little net accounts and then
              moving forward to the medium cards then to the big boy cards. They show
              you how to buy from certain business that report to the 3 major Business
              Credit Reporting Agencies to start your credit profile. Equifax Business,
              DNB, Experian Business ( These are the
              major b-cra's which sams club,lowes,office depot, staples, home depot, dell
              etc use to open business accounts with NO pg! The forum allows you to ask
              questions. The main thing is to read the stickys ALL OF THEM! They will
              guide you the entire way. Good Luck