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    Want to get some business from UK/US

    Vish123 Newbie

      I have a center for 75 seat capacity in a single shift
      Have all the things in place
      1. The system's in the call center is all ready to use under Windows NT domain Administration
      2. The infrastructure has dual power back up , UPS as well as DC generator
      3. The system are also equipped with Internet connectivity on a lease line back bone
      4. The seats are configured with hosted model contact center Dialer/ACD on Cosmocom platform. The service is provided by Tata communication one of the lead telecom operated India with redundant parallel architecture which guarantee 99% uptime. The capacity of the Dialer/ACD can be increased on the fly to unlimited capacity and the routing of calls can me done relevantly to any location
      5. The call center is also equipped with In-house MIS team, who have worked with in-bound and outbound campaign well verse with roister and scheduling activity, Never the less this team have couple of six sigma certified members under its belt
      6. The call center also has an associate company which is into customize application developed for about 10 years now and can work hand in glove with call center if any kind of work flow application need to be developed for the proposed call center process or interface with the existing CRM
      7. The center is located in Goregoan , suburbs of Mumbai next to railway station making it very convenient for employee to commute during any time of the day
      8. We have in-house training team who can train people on process and communication , all these trainer have enough experience to handled technical and not technical process , and the team jointed as with relevant experience and have worked with training department of renounced call center in India such as Sutherland , 3G , Responde etc

      From the above points its clear that work can start from day one
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          Vince Adventurer

          I am happy to see that you have set up your own business and are ready to take on work. But, please be aware that you are breaking Community Guideline #4 which clearly states the following:

          Keep marketing efforts separate; minimize clutter. A post or reply with a personal agenda only benefits the person who writes it, not the community as a whole, and unsolicited advertising adds distracting clutter to the forums.

          Your post is a clearly solicitation for business and benefits your own personal agenda. In the future, please refrain from these types of postings as they distract from good business dialog that occurs on the site.

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            Dimension Newbie
            give me your contact no. and address at