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    How can I increase my pagerank in Google

    HFFound Newbie
      I created a site selling foreclosure listings

      The site content of the site is attaining around a 10% order vs visitor ratio since it's creation 10 months ago. To date I have not even attained a PR10. Any suggestions? I have established some backlinks, but so far the only visitors are those that learn of the site through youtube, facebook, and twitter.
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          stellamary Wayfarer
          You should keep trying for the keen watch about the content updation...the content management will give the source of the valuable points for the site...I like to suggest other thing that is link building..I know about the link building process ...I am interested in online outsourcing[/url] process.keep sharing.
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            maximuskang Adventurer
   looks like my comment never went through. =(
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              maximuskang Adventurer
              Okay let me try this again. Sad, because I had a lengthy response to your question. I'll re-write it. cracks knuckles

              So I visited your site and it looks like you are targeting "foreclosure listings" as a keyword correct? The problem is that it's listed in the title tags of 95% of your pages. This is a problem because Google cannot determine which of your pages should actually rank for "foreclosure listings". From a quick glance, I can't determine what your targeted keywords are so I would recommend you to:

              1. Do some keyword research ()
              2. Include those keywords in re-writing your title tags ()
              3. Include those keywords in re-writing your meta descriptions ()

              If I'm understanding your question about attaining a PR10 correctly, it sounds like you are trying to get your PageRank to be a 10. Or are you trying to obtain a PR10 link? I'll give a quick explanation of this because I think it's important to know. The whole PR (PageRank) metric is what made Google so famous. In a nutshell, it's a logarithmic scale from 0-10. This means that going from a PR1 to a PR2 will be much easier than going from a PR4 to a PR5, which is MUCH easier than going from say...a PR7 to a PR8. So all this to say that trying to get a PageRank of 10 for your website is near impossible. Google has a PageRank of 10, but they also have almost a BILLION inbound links!!

              When I was doing SEO for Expedia, we had a good running list of 1/4 billion links and yet only a PageRank of 8. So you kind of see the importance of building links, which leads me to my next comment. Most of your link profile looks like spammy sites. I would suggest coming up with a new link building strategy.

              This is from another forum post, but I'll copy and paste it here for your convenience.

              # +*Forum profiles *- Create profiles on certain forums and strategically include your link+# +*Blog comments *- Tailor your message to the topic of the post \\ and respond with an anchored link in the name section (must be rather \\ careful with this method)+# +*Directory submission *- Just like it sounds, finding the \\ right directories that will actually help and not penalize you...that's \\ right...some directories can actually hurt your link profile+# +*Social bookmarking *- You can leverage these types of links \\ with RSS pingers to not only get your site indexed quicker, but drive \\ some targeted traffic to your site+# +*Article submission *- In my career, I have found these types \\ of links to be the strongest types of links that are in your control. \\ Writing great articles around your keywords will yield some very \\ valuable authority+I hope this helps! Email me at if you have any further questions.
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                  skittleskip Newbie
                  Wow! I just learned more from this one post than I have in a week of research on this subject. Thank you for the well written response to a tough question.
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                    HFFound Newbie
                    Thank you very much!! I've spent days researching this and this is the best information I've seen to date. I really appreciate it. You're right about the keywords for the primary page. And on the page rank thing, I had the scale backwards. Also on the links to the other sites looking spammy, I'll take care of those right away.

                    Thanks again!!
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                        maximuskang Adventurer
                        Oh good! Hopefully you see some improvements in your rankings! Keep me posted yea?

                        Cheers friend!
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                          EMurray5 Wayfarer
                          Right - attempting to get PR is very difficult - BUT - there are other more immediate items you can do!

                          See my site then go to "Top Links" and link to "Top Management List" - this site has been in this position for over 3 years!!
                          Change your img tag src name from img03.jpg to use your best 3 keywords followed by text about what image means in words; ei, include state CA and zip code or large nearby city name (interested parties will want to know this upfront)
                          Always us lowercase words in your meta tags - Google typically ignores uppercase words.
                          Use the alt and title tags with your img tags to increase your keyword and multiplicity.
                          Put your title tag after the head tag
                          Change the Order Now (no SEM value) to Top Buys in your title tag
                          Break up the domain address into words "Home Foreclosures Found" or "Top Homes Found" - the value of your domain name is the value of your domain name + title + meta tags + keywords in content title + title words repeated in content txt
                          Make sure all the meta keyword content are unique such as how you did your Order Now page but all lowercase words
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                              maximuskang Adventurer
                              Great tips!

                              Just wanted to clarify one thing. When Google comes across the words that are all's not that they ignore's that they will more than likely place those listings in the supplemental index. This is Google's "backup" database. The only time these sites show up in the search engines is when there are no results for the search query in the main database. This typically happens for long tail queries.

                              A way to find how many pages of yours are in the supplemental index is to do a search for:

                              site:www.YOUR *** -view

                              Try it out. It is possible to get your pages out of the supplemental index and that's where good-targeted SEO comes into play. The more authority you gain, the more easily your pages will be transfered to the main index.
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                                  amspcs Ranger
                                  Dear Max,

                                  You seem to be very willing to be helpful. So, as self-appointed king of the technical incompetents, I'd like to ask you to clarfify something that has long confused me that you'll probably find REALLY dumb:

                                  I know about links, backlinks, recipruical links, and all that. But my really dumb question is: WHERE and HOW does one insert links in their website? I'm told just having a 'link page' is fairly worthless.
                                  So WHERE do they go---just incorporate them somehow in the content of any given page?

                                  Also, can you please explain 'meta tag'. What are they? How does one use them or insert them in one's webpages?

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                                      maximuskang Adventurer
                                      Hey there,

                                      I'd love to tackle this one. So I think there may be a LITTLE bit of confusion as to how building links actually benefits your website. I'll try to explain here as best as I can. So link building is one of the 3 pillars of SEO that I advocate.
                                      1. The first pillar being "Content"
                                      2. The second pillar being "Internal Architecture"
                                      3. The third pillar being "External Links"
                                      Before I answer this question, I feel I should give a very quick spiel on PageRank. The higher your PageRank, the more likely your page will rank in the search engines. The way to increase your PageRank is to optimize your page, but more importantly build more links TO your site FROM other sites. So to sum it up, the more links you have pointing to your page from other sites, the more your PageRank will go up. On the flipside, if you have an abundance of links going TO other sites FROM your site, your PageRank will typically go down. This is why having link farms, or a dedicated link exchange page is a horrible idea as it gives absolutely no value to your site.

                                      The answer to your question requires all 3 pillars. I think what you are talking about is the 2nd pillar. How to incorporate links within your content to other pages on your site right? If that's the case, this depends on the size of your site and how it is structured. Something like this is going to vary per website so unfortunately I cannot give you a generic answer on that one. However, I am going to be launching my subscription-based SEO consulting website very shortly where I would be able to sit down and answer that kind of question in detail, specifically tailored to your website.

                                      Building links FROM other sites TO your site is what is going to add value to your site in the eyes of the search engines.

                                      To explain meta tags, if you go to Google and perform a search for any keyword, the blue link you see is the Title Tag. The snippet of text under that is the Meta Description. These two tags are the most important on-page factors you can change to start seeing some improvements. There is also a Meta Keywords tag, which in the past was abused by spammers so the search engines pay very very very very very little attention to this tag. Basically, the only purpose that I see this tag used for could be for variations and misspellings of your targeted keywords. I think my new e-book (which is FREE if you sign up on my website) that will be released on March 25 will answer your questions regarding actually HOW to implement the meta tags on your website.

                                      Hope this helps!
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                                      EMurray5 Wayfarer
                                      How about dashes "-" in names?

                                      I use dashes in my img tag names to make them more readable.
                                      Some don't like this. They prefer on a long string of words without dashes but our analysis has never shown that Google put them in the z-hell, the supplement index, the round trash of IT null space.

                                      What is your take?

                                      I haven't tried looking in supplement index but I will take a peek - thanks for the hint!
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                                          maximuskang Adventurer
                                          "-" are indeed the most appropriate way to display an array of words not only in your images, but also in your URL's. Many people use underscores "_". With underscores, Google's programmer roots are showing. In many programming languages, something like _INT is different than INT.

                                          So the bottom line is that if you have a URL or image file named "", this result will only appear in the search engine results page when "word1 word2" is searched exactly. This occurs MUCH less frequently than if word1 or word2 are searched seperately. "" will show up when either word1 or word2 is searched in ANY string.

                                          Hope this makes sense...a little more technical than I was hoping it would sound. Oh well, I can't help but go in detail when it comes to SEO.

                                          Have a great weekend everybody!
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                                    brpatch Newbie
                                    Hello Max:
                                    I am following this thread and just signed up to join the forum to learn more. We operate a retail website and a storefront shop, this is our 10th year of business. It has also been our worst. We are not only hard hit by the economy in general, but our pagerank in Google has plummeted. Competition is greater, I suppose. I spend alot of time on the Google Webmaster Forum, but have not encountered better advice than what I read in this thread. The problem is, our sales are completely elastic to our Google rank more than anything. After the devestating year of 2009, captial reserves that were liquid are gone, cashflow is poor...I am considering paying off our existing debts and closing shop. Which is sad, we own our building and offer some much needed family-friendly jobs in our community. Enough with the sob story.

                                    This Google page rank, I feel our weakness is not enough external links. We have worked with SEO companies, but ended up spending thousands on something of a con-game. I recently found another SEO company that claimed "pay for results", I like what they have to say about themselves. Sadly, I know just enough to be dangerous. Our site is not so bad that they can guarantee results, so we must pay for assistance at a time when funds are needed to pay employess, overhead, and maintain inventory.

                                    With all the late nights/early mornings posting to the Google forum (which is not always very kind or responsive to inquiries from half-know-how's like me), I have never heard of NOT using capital letters. Does this mean do not even begin a keyword with capital letters?

                                    I would like our homepage to rank high on our keywords, but we use Yahoo Store and I believe all our title tags have the keywords in them. Do I need to change this for every page? I can do it, very time consuming. The logic is escaping me. I have never heard this before either.

                                    I just started to post on forums. I have good information to share after 10 years in a product specific business, I love what I do and I am sincere in my posts. I post an answer, sign my name as Pat at There is only one forum that is an easy natural fit for us, it ranks number 9 when searching Google for our two main keywords. We use to rank in the top 5, then we slumped to 10 and 12. Now we are 13 on both. That drop is killing our sales. The SEO company I mention before charges $350.00 a month for 2 press releases per month and 5-10 blog postings. I can post 5-10 times on blogs in an afternoon when I find threads to which I can sincerely help. How many blog postings does one need per month? Is there a formula to guide me? On how many forums should I establish a presence. AND...does adding your url even help...I thought they were all "no follow" links.

                                    Can you please elaborate on the index-back-up letter thing? I am not quite understanding how to find if I am in the "bad" index for Google. I am going right now to check for capital letters, but need to re-read your other postings again as to where this is relevant.

                                    This is taking advantage of someone's personal knowledge base, and I really appreciate it. Hopefully other people will benefit as well. Sadly, I cannot pay for good advice right now and my energy and confidence are dying....

                                    Thank you for listening, thank you for helping. What is your website for SEO?
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                                    maximuskang Adventurer
                                    Whoa...that came out kind of weird. Is anybody else seeing that strange string of code before my response?

                                    My response starts with:

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                                      vnavguys Tracker
                                      I will throw in my two cents on the topic here. First of all, you are getting some good advice as to how to get some back links and get some love in the search engines. However you are trying to compete in the most heinously demanded and competitve search term on the internet. The normal 900 lb gorilla weighs tens times that and you will have to put some serious money into linking your site. Ignore what everyone thinks about doing this on the cheap, getting some page rank takes a serious plan and serious money. You cannot let up even for a minute, your competitors have huge budgets. I am not trying to be hard on you, but this is a tough nut to crack.
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                                        FreeWorld Wayfarer
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                                        If you have any idea that can help people, you'll be very welcome to share.
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                                            maximuskang Adventurer
                                            Hey, instead of throwing a bunch of links out there to SEO pages that have very poor site statistics, why don't you summarize the information for folks here. This is a very clear indicator of spam because this message is the exact same as your other post.
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                                              maximuskang Adventurer
                                              Rather than posting links that point to sites that claim to have great SEO info (that actually have very very poor site statistics), why don't you summarize what it is you want folks to look at. This is obviously spam, but I wanted others to know what it is that you are clicking into before you potentially get scammed.

                                              You use this EXACT same message in another thread, so please prove me wrong. I think the folks on here are simply looking for good advice and what you posted is very counter-productive.
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                                              maximuskang Adventurer
                                              Man, this forum has really got some terrible software. So far, it's deleted 4 super long replies that I've spent hours on writing for folks on here, it's told me that my message didn't go through so after re-writing the message, the other one mysteriously just shows up after I post the second one so there are duplicates, and now there are weird encodings in my posts.

                                              I hope BoA fixes this soon.
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                                                wownikeshop Wayfarer
                                                maybe your can register through the forum or write some of blog ,i think it is very useful . and send some message through the B to B
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                                                    BusinessToday Adventurer
                                                    Have you tried adding a blog to your website? Use to write articles about your business and have links to your website.
                                                    Unique Businesses
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                                                        maximuskang Adventurer
                                                        I definitely agree that having a blog can help increase your PageRank because people are more likely to link to a blog than a commercialized website. However, if you are doing a blog just because everybody else is doing it, I've seen many small business owners lose business because they went about it incorrectly. Creating a blog requires a specific strategic approach in order to be successful.

                                                        Also, getting a blog hosted on a site like or will provide absolutely no SEO benefit to your website simply because or is not going to pass any SEO value to your website because it will be hosted on Blogspot or Wordpress. The most ideal method here is to add on a blog template as a subfolder on your domain. So instead of having it hosted on another domain (, you want your blog to look like (

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                                                            vnavguys Tracker
                                                            I happen to disagree, if your strategy is sound it WILL help your page rank, it will do it indirectly. When you blog you talk about your industry, not your products. You build an audience, become an expert and an authority. Over time you will also build an email list. You link to your site from your blog using anchor text links for things you want to rank for on your money site. (that builds page rank) You will also gain traffic to your money site if you blog correctly and make good recommendations. Increased traffic also has page rank implications. Now why do I say this? Because I do this very thing, I have several blogs not just one, all of them are on relevant to the money site. I take my time and build good content and I do it for the reader, not Google. Google eventually comes along.

                                                            Now lets say you get this and you start feeling a groove and pick up some traffic. Take it the next level, build more blogs and web 2.0 pages that support via linking and increase traffic. Do not build crap. I have 85 blogs supporting my money site. My money site ranks #1 for my main keyword and a majority of other keywords I want to rank for. I hire writers and use a very organized plan. Think of it as a matrix. Thats how you build page rank. I prefer wordpress blogs by the way because bloggers blogspot lacks a ton of features.
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                                                                maximuskang Adventurer
                                                                I agree with you to an extent, visitor traffic does NOT play into the PageRank equation. I've conducted isolated tests of my testing sites to see if PageRank and visitor traffic are interrelated. It's been roughly 4 months now and from what I can tell, there is absolutely no relation. From what I've come across with all of my previous clients and at Expedia, Page Rank is primarily based on your link profile. Besides, the theory of Page Rank as spoken by the creator is a "Link Analysis" algorithm. The equation doesn't even have traffic in it so your statement "Increased traffic also has page rank implications" is incorrect. ;)

                                                                The part I do agree on is that if you build your blog up with great content and attract editorial links from others in your industry, your Page Rank absolutely will go up. However, this is poor execution because all of the content that you publish on these free-hosted blogging platforms will provide no benefit for you in the long run...especially if you have future link building plans.
                                                                • If you change the name of your company...your blog is basically a wasted effort as you cannot perform a 301 (permanent) redirect to your new blog
                                                                • The actual Page Rank or aka "link equity" that you build for your 3rd party hosted blog will not benefit your website, unless you are linking to your site with anchor text frequently. Remember, that the web is full of users who are very turned off this day and age by over-commercialized content
                                                                If you absolutely do not have the time to set up a blog on your domain (which is actually very simple) or you just want to blog and don't necessarily care about the SEO benefits, I think getting a 3rd party hosted blog is not a bad idea at all.

                                                                I would also agree that Wordpress has much more functionality than Blogger due to all of the plugins, which are simply pieces of software you can load onto your blog for more functionality.
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                                                                    vnavguys Tracker
                                                                    Well I think a better assessment would be to say that you dont agree, or your results vary from your testing. The Google Formula is basically changing and no one really knows the exact functionality of it. They keep it mysterious for a reason. In my own opinion I believe that traffic is a function of their ranking procedure. Just when you think you have it figured out, they change it up a bit. That is why every 18 months or so you should change up your game plan.
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                                                                        maximuskang Adventurer
                                                                        Oh absolutely! The algorithm is always changing to make life harder for folks like you and me. :)

                                                                        I would agree with your statement about "traffic relating to your rankings" which is a completely different statement from "traffic relating to your PageRank". Let me add that an increase in traffic will also depend on your bounce rate (the rate at which people leave your site immediately). If you have high volumes of traffic coming in, but you have a high bounce rate, I've seen it time after time that a high bounce rate kills rankings.

                                                                        If people are coming to your site and leaving immediately, isn't that a clear indicator that your page is not relevant at all? If that's the case, Google's job is to provide the most relevant sites per search query so it makes sense that Google would push your listing down in the organic search rankings right?

                                                                        Although I agree that you need to always change up your game plan, I've found that applying and re-applying the fundamentals that are outlined in Google's guidelines is the only game plan you really need. In fact, the only thing I've changed in my strategy is that I don't do PageRank sculpting anymore due to Google recently stating that the no-follow tag will no longer be heavily weighted.

                                                                        Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts friend! I'm sure this will be able to help the other members on this forum.