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    Help! I'm not going to make the tax deadline!

    MacBerkeley Newbie
      As a partnership, we have to file on March 15 (next Monday!), but we're not ready. Can I file an extension? We just started our business in early 2009 (small graphic design and web design firm), so it's not a full calendar year. Not sure how to proceed, I just know I don't have a lot of time to do it! Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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          Write_Now Newbie
          Funny I had the same question the other night. I'm in a similar situation: relatively new small business, partnership, not ready to file taxes, etc.

          So I googled "Tax Extension" and found this place called <a href=""></a>. I chatted with this guy on their live support and he told me I could efile a tax extension for my business (using their site of course). He told me what form I needed to use (for partnerships I believe it's form 7004). Then I used their site to efile it. It was pretty easy actually, and I got approved from the IRS in like 15 minutes. Now my tax deadline is in September!

          It did cost me $10 bucks to efile with FileAfter, but it was worth it--I can't stand filling out those complicated gray forms and reading all that tax language.

          Anyways, thought you might find that helpful. You still have to pay the IRS if you owe can't escape that. I did Turbo Tax for my personal stuff and for my business the first year, but I got tired of paying $60+ a year for it, and I felt like it was being too vague in some situations--I just didn't feel safe you know? So now I have a CPA, and it's totally worth it. She was going to do the tax extension for me, but she was going to charge me $45. I was afraid to do it myself, but knew I could do it cheaper. I got approval from the IRS with, so I know I did it right.

          Don't know if you owe money, but you can get an extension on the actual filing. Hope this helps!
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            dublincpa Scout
            Partnerships are due 4/15, not 3/15.

            Corps and S Corps are due 3/15.
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