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      I want to open my own Boutique but have no idea of what my steps are. Can someone please help me with what License I need to open and what I need in order to buy products at a good price? If you have any vendor websites that would be great too.

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          Some of the basics to getting started are:


          Define what makes your business unique from other boutiques (aka Unique Value Proposition - UVP). Without offering a unique quality or experience, why would customers buy from you instead of the competition? How would you appropriately and effectively market your business?


          Research your market to get insight about your target demographics. What are their needs? What is important to them? Where do they shop for similar products and services to what you plan to offer? What is their language? Who are the competitors in the same market segment?


          Create a business plan. While not all new businesses require a formal business plan, if you are starting a brick and mortar boutique with a significant portion of your personal finances and / or outside financing, a formal business plan is necessary.


          If you need help creating a plan, I have a page on my site that will give you the breakdown. Here's the link:



          For licensing, you can contact an attorney or go to online services like or to get a report of what licenses you need to apply for and with whom based upon your business type and location.


          I recommend that you give some specifics as to the types of products you seek suppliers for in order to get targeted responses back from community members.


          I hope this helps as a start.


          Doug Dolan


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            NEW BOUTIQUE, Welcome

            Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info.

            Doug gives great advice. Then there is SCORE. SCORE is FREE and can also help you
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              I am willing to sell my online boutique , The website, inventory, and sketches for the 2011 line ready to go to the manufacturer of your choice.
              If your interested my email is