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      Creating custom business plan is not easy. Many projects fail. Making every business plan project a success requires skills far more subtle and elusive than just being competent in finances or general accounting.

      Usually someone-like you-needing business plan, first seeks an off-the-shelf software solution. Such business plan is usually less expensive than a custom solution and is low-risk. Often, however, appropriate off-the-shelf business plan can't be found. You are then faced with the expensive and potentially high-risk option of customize a business plan. The problem is: how to minimize the risk?

      There is a long list of practices and policies which, if understood and followed, can reduce the risks of creating custom business plan. Unfortunately, these practices and policies are very often understood superficially or not followed in the "real world".

      Our assurance to you-something which makes NextIQ different from many business plan developers-is that we are a low-risk, extremely dependable resource for custom business plan because:

      • We understand from long experience how to make every business plan project a success.
      • We *rigorousl*y follow the practices and policies which make this possible
      • We hire "the best and the brightest".
      • Creating excellent, successful business plan for each and every client is the fundamental principle on which NextIQ was built.


      These are the professional custom business plan solution packages that we offer. All business plan wording and financials are custom made to match your business specifications. Our professional staff will work with you one on one to deliver personalized results.


      Each and every customer will get a business planner that they can grow to trust and share with so that the end result will be the best.


      No Contracts or Hidden Charges.

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          Businessplan, Good marketing. We at SCORE do a great job of creating business plans and some of us
          SCORE Counselors find it easy to do. SCORE is located all over the United States with offices in all major
          cities and online. SCORE counselors backgrounds cover an extensive range of industries and disciplines.
          People who come to SCORE succeed in business. We help hold their hands and guide them.
          Did I mention that SCORE is FREE of charge. SCORE is also a partner to Bank of America..