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    Don't Pick a Business Name until You Know Your Domain Name

    EMurray5 Wayfarer
      Picking a business name in to days e-marketing environment without first picking a Domain Name can cost you a lot of business lose and marketing headaches.

      SEO-SEM-Cool from Internet4Aid has been working for over 5 years with numerous small and medium business to make their Internet Web presents into an Internet Brand presents. We will work with your business vision and marketing goals to create not only a good business name but also a Domain Name that is Google Friendly.

      The basics are:
      o review and analysis your business vision and mission
      o review and analysis your marketing vision and goals
      o select candidiate domain names that will get your web site easily and quickly recognize by Google / Google Freindly
      o work with you to develop your Web site and tune its (SEO) Search Engine Optimization characteristics
      o match your SEM Search Engine Marketing to your marketing and vision as well as your SEO needs.

      There are 100s of SEO points needed per web site plus you need to identifiy your unique keywords and multiple them appropriately to project your web site to Google.

      We can't anwer all question but some simple info questions are welcome.