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    Become a Distributor for Fuel Freedom International (FFI)

    olindo Newbie

      With the price of gasoline over $3.00 per gallon and climbing, selling fuel economy and carbon pollutant reduction is where the money is at. Fuel freedom International does business in America and over 180 countries world wide. Our products are EPA tested and have stood hundreds of thousands of miles of testing.

      If you would like to get involved either part time or full time, Fuel Freedom International welcomes you and invites you to take a serious look at becoming an Independent Distributor in your area and show others how they can help in the reduction of Carbon emissions caused by Fossil fuels burned in their cars.

      1- No Product Purchase Required
      2- Buy At Wholesale Sell At Retail
      3- 25% Profit Margin
      4- We Pay Weekly
      5- Open Territories
      6- Commissions & Bonuses
      7- Residual Income
      8- Do It Part Time, or Full Time
      9- Marketing Site
      10- Back Office Too
      Watch FFI In The News
      Enter your details on the next pageThis product Really Works

      Visit the website and fill out the contact form if you would like to get involved with Fuel freedom International.
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          CorpCons08 Ranger
          Interesting concept.
          However, no where on your page or this thread does it say what the price per gallon is.
          You mentioned the high gas prices, how is the prices different with FFI?

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            Buffalo Adventurer
            Do you have any figures for 2007 yet, maybe the first 2 or 3 quarters that you could post here?

            Quoting from you website:

            "Non - USA
            Eighty percent (80%) of registered Non-U.S. Distributors were not Active and therefore did not earn commissions in 2006.
            The following compensation data is based on the 20% of non-U.S. Distributors who earned a commission in 2006."

            What information do you have on registered US distributors?

            And if 80% of the people that are registered aren't doing anything...well that doesn't say much for your business model.
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                olindo Newbie

                Hi Buffalo, first let me say thank you for taking the time to respond. FFI provides the products and the tools to run a successful business and the income it provides is directly related to the effort put forth by the individual distributor.

                Take a look at for more information
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                  Green1 Adventurer

                  I must start by saying what a great find this site is.

                  I would like to respond to your post by saying that the FFI business model is fantastic. I am one of the 80% Non Active Distributors you reference. Many of us choose to be Not Active for various reasons. For me it was an opportunity to purchase the FFI environmentally friendly products, the MPG-Caps and the waterless car wash - Eco-Sheen I am so fond of at wholesale prices for personal use and to supply family members and friends. The business opportunity offered by FFI affords individuals such as myself many opportunities for success, which I intend to take full advantage of in the near future. For the timebeing my business is growing because of my presence on the internet.

                  For those that might be interested in the concept it is worth taking the time to review what FFI has to offer as there are amazing success stories. As for the MPG-Caps and other FFI fuel products offered for sale; the fuel products are registered with the EPA in the USA. Being registered with the EPA means they have been tested to verify they are safe for vehicles.

                  I use the MPG-Caps because they provide me a means to save $$ for each tank of gas used and they can reduce harmful emissions by 75%. The environment is very important to me. There are many individuals who became FFI Distributors because we were customers and realized the benefits of what we were purchasing.

                  Have a fantastic week.
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  olindo, Interesting. I would like to get involved. Please send me info on Fuel
                  Freedom International. I would like to take a serious
                  look at becoming an Independent Distributor. If this can help in the reduction of Carbon emissions
                  caused by
                  Fossil fuels burned in by cars even better.
                  Please e mail me at " ', LUCKIEST
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger
                    For anyone interested, there are several posts regarding this product on YouTube . . . one "unbiased" example:
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                      excellent Newbie
                      Please send me more details.

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                        Dave Biz-dev Newbie





                        I am sad to say it did not take much to punch holes in this opportunity. excerpt from Wikipedia,




                        "Fuel Freedom International is a company based in Altamonte Springs, Florida is a multi-level marketing business co-owned by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. It sells organic pills called MPG-CAPs, which are engine conditioners that allegedly improve mileage, increase engine power, and reduce emissions. The MPG-CAPs pills allegedly remove carbon build up from an engine and deposit a catalytic film that allows fuel to burn more completely; they are EPA "registered" which means they have not tested the product or endorse it in any way.


                        To become a distributor there is an initial buy in and an emphasis on recruiting other people below you in order to receive commissions. This follows the structure of multi-level marketing, although there are recruiting bonuses after three retail sales a month as an incentive to grow the sales force, the majority of the cashflow is generated by commissions on MPG-CAPs sales.


                        A civil suit has been filed in Florida challenging the lack of independent scientific testing to substantiate claims, and the compensation model not being focused on volume of bona fide sales.[1]


                        I don't believe we need MLM's in this forum
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                            homebizpro Newbie

                            First, at the outset let me state I do not have a "dog in this hunt" as they say as I am not an FFI distributor.
                            With that being said Dave:

                            Wikipedia??? That's your source? LMAO..Yes, know there is a credible source! LOL..Wikepedia is no authority,
                            especially since anyone can put information on Wikepedia, whether it's true or not! Case in point: this copy and
                            paste from Wikepedia mentions a civil suit.

                            It was not a civil suit-it was an inquiry from the Attorney General's office. Second, that in and of itself means
                            absolutely nothing, good or bad! Do you know what an inquiry is? Probably not. Do you know how an inquiry
                            gets started? Probably not. Let me help educate you: An inquiry is usually started when their office or the
                            consumer protection division of the AG's office gets a few emails "inquiring" about a company or a product.
                            It does not necessarily have to be complaints! Once they get a certain number of either inquiries or complaints,
                            they will initiate an investigation, which once again does not imply anything is wrong or that the company
                            in question is guilty of anything!

                            However, when uninformed individuals like yourself post something like there's an investigation, many people,
                            especially the anti-MLM crusaders automatically leap into action with comments in forums like this to the
                            effect of "Ah ha! I knew it. Look they're being investigated! Must be an illegal pyramid!" and other stupid, jump
                            to conclusion type statements. Most of these people, by the way, think they know what they're talking about,
                            and in most cases they don't!

                            In addition, the Wikepedia "thread" is outdated as the FFI product has undergone a variety of different tests
                            to demonstrate its efficacy. In fact, you can do a simple test on your own when it comes to emissions down
                            at your local state certified emissions testing facility. Is this the only product that can reduce emissions? No.
                            Does it work effectively for reducing emissions? Yes, just as several other products can do, so it is simply
                            one choice among several that you have.

                            Regarding the efficacy of it in improving mileage and performance, the auto channel did a positive test on the
                            product as have other automotive experts so I am inclined to believe them versus some of the people in this

                            Second, the "to be a distributor there is an initial buy in so that you can make money" comment is so absurd


                            its laughable! Of course you are going to spend a few dollars to be a distributor just as a person spends over


                            $1 million to be a McDonald's franchisee, just as a person opening up a retail store would spend hundreds of


                            thousands of dollars to stock their shelves of the products they're going to promote, just as people who become


                            distributors for a wide variety of products spend money on inventory and marketing, all with one goal in mind:


                            to make money! Duh!

                            Finally, you don't think we need MLM threads in a business section??? It's the fastest growing method of product


                            and service distribution on the planet! You've got major Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies utilizing this


                            form of distribution. Warren Buffet's holding company, Berkshire Hathaway, now owns 3 direct sales/network


                            marketing companies, billionaire Richard Branson owns one...


                            Now I know you're probably going to come back with some cute retort, but I'd like to think that maybe Warren Buffet


                            and Branson know something that you don't, and to come back with some negative retort about MLM would in effect


                            be equivalent to calling Buffet and Branson stupid, and I think most of us with some intelligence and objectivity would
                            quickly realize who the stupid one really is...


                            Now, I will grant you that network marketing has had its fair share of bad apples, but so has the traditional business world!


                            90% of small businesses fail within the first 5 years. Do we tell people not to open a retail store? No! 95% of people go to


                            college, spend $50,000-$100,000 or more and yet during the course of their career will change careers around 7 times and


                            end up never using their degree. Do we tell people college is a scam or don't go to college? No. Look at the S & L crisis.


                            Did we tell people all S & L's are scams and don't put your money in an S & L? No...Enron...Did we tell people all energy


                            companies are scams? No...


                            The same should be done with network marketing or MLM companies...There are a few good companies with great products


                            and a legitimate opportunity..

                            I'd like to think this thread has been a fair and objective...As I said, I'm not an FFI distributor, have no dog in the hunt, but
                            I get really tired of reading threads from people who think they know what they're talking about, they post information from
                            someone or some website and think its proof (like the Wikipedia info) and want to make sweeping generalizations, and then
                            pat themselves on the back as if they have done everyone a favor....Unfortunately, the other kool aid drinkers, who are very much
                            like the poster (think they know what they're talking about or have the same bias due to either ignorance or a bad experience of
                            their own) compliment the poster, further validating the poster's opinion that they have done something valuable, when in reality,
                            to those of us who are both knowledgeable and objective, we sit back and laugh


                            I look forward to hearing your retort because I am sure it is going to be the standard dribble. By the way, I'm a former Fed,


                            I have a consulting business and have a prominent former Attorney General that I work whenever I am asked to do any


                            consulting, and during the course of my career, together with 2 partners we've built 3 successful companies and have generated


                            over $2 billion in sales, so I for one, know what I'm talking about...typically, people who think they know what they're talking


                            about when they really don't would rather argue with people like myself instead of maybe listening and learning something for
                            a change. They're also usually broke...Funny how that works...


                              • Re: Become a Distributor for Fuel Freedom International (FFI)
                                DomainDiva Ranger
                                A former Fed? What kind of former Fed?

                                On the last page of the book? Or not in the book at all...;)

                                IRS? GS-12? Military? FBI? CIA? AG's office?

                                Former Fed as a term needs to be identified. So being a former Fed makes you the all knowing one?

                                dum dum dum dum dummmmmmm

                                Yes some very well known people own MLM's Buffet owns Pampered Chef...and MLM is a great way to make money if you work the system and stay close to the money makers. However...this forum has seen its' share of MLM wackiness. Its' funny no Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Avon people have been here, we only had one gal doing Mary Kay.
                                Notice how I mentioned the really good MLM's?
                                  • Re: Become a Distributor for Fuel Freedom International (FFI)
                                    homebizpro Newbie

                                    Am I being interviewed for a job??? LOL...I don't need to disclose anything to you as if somehow I need your blessing or validation in order for my remarks to have legitimacy...

                                    Great...I get to have a conversation with another know it all...

                                    The reason people from more companies haven't been in your forum is because they don't know that it exists! Maybe if you did a better job of promoting it more people would! In addition, some of the "good" companies that you did mention (hope you didn't strain your brain trying to come up with big list of 3 or 4) are old school companies and many of their distributors are not savvy when it comes to marketing and promoting on the Internet...

                                    Based on the confrontational approach that seems to be common on the part of some people on your site, I could understand why maybe more have visited, but decided not to leave any comments! Your snide comments pertaining to me are a perfect example, i.e., "the all knowing statement."

                                    Do you bother to read? I also highlighted my business background. I'll tell you what it does make me:
                                    A lot more knowledgeable and experienced than you are!

                                    Your list is rather short of good if there are only 3 or 4 good companies in the industry and that the only good companies are the ones that you say are good if your opinion matters anyway..LOL..What? Are you now the equivalent of the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval.

                                    If those are the only companies you can come up, it shows what little you really know (although I'm sure you're going to have some kind of cute comeback)

                                    Shaklee is certainly a good company...VEMMA is certainly a good company..Forever Living....Rather than rattling off a long list, I would suggest that many companies of the DSA, the Direct Seller's Association, would be considered good companies with legitimate opportunities.

                                    The only statement you made that I would agree with or that has any accuracy to it is that there are some wacky opportunities operating as a network marketing program, and there are certainly some bad apples out there, but that is true in any business or any profession, and the concept or the industry shouldn't be denigrated.


                                    It's analogous to drunk drivers. When one gets into an accident and kills somebody, you don't blame the vehicle, the car. You blame the person behind the wheel...


                                    The flip side of the coin is that there are also some wacky commentators out there as well..