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    Should I change my business structure?

    vivgross Newbie
      My husband spent the last year(2009) working as a sub-contractor for his father's business doing furniture repair & reupholestry. Towards the end of the year(2009) we established a corporation in hopes to go into business on our own which isn't actually happening until now. At the moment, I'm at a loss as how to file our taxes for 2009. We are no longer working with an accountant due to a simple filing mistake that has resulted in me needing to amend 3 years of taxes for both my husband and I(just recently married & previously filed as single). I'm also starting to wonder if we should have structured our business differently(maybe an LLC) in order to get the maximum tax benefits for our family. To explain how the business works, my husband would be sub-contracted through furniture retailers to uphold customer warranties. This requires him to do in-home service of repairs, touch-ups, and reupholestry on furniture. There are no employees other than him and I. Can anyone offer any advice on what type of business structure we should use for our small business in order to achieve maximum tax benefits?

      Thanks in advance!