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    I want to expand mobile Automotive paint repair business

    ClausenLT Newbie


      I own what is essentially a mobile body shop. I have been in business for about 11-12 years. However, I got started in a company called Colors on Parade back in 1990. (Didn't last I was working for my brother.) We work primarily for car dealers. Until recently we did very well. (An average day could be as much as $1100-1200 to $800- $700 on a slow day.) However, with so many car dealers closing and so much "compettion" the business is not the same. I have a unique perspective being around the business for so long and observing so many other car restoration services.

      What I would like to do is offer a type of consulting service and or licencing, maybe a franchise. I am getting tired of doing the work myself and would like to make some money off my knowledge and experiance. My brother ended opening a shop...(at one point he had 19 trucks running) and I was thinking a business like "Carsmetics" would be an ideal business plan.

      I guess I'll just leave it at that for now. Any ideas,suggestions would be great and I can provide as much more detail as needed.