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    Need advice on start-up cost financing

    J_Baker Newbie

      First I want to say that this is a great site and I happened to stumble upon it while looking for some financing opportunities.


      Ok, I have a fantastic opportunity to buy a franchise at a very low cost (85k); I also have a fantastic credit rating (above 740). My problem is financing. 9yrs 10 months ago I filed for bankruptcy and for the last 4 months I have had a credit repair company trying to get it removed.


      Other then the BK I have not had 1 negative issue in my credit. I left the service (honorable) and just could not find employment for the first year and a half.


      Anyway, this company has grown from 12 franchises last year to 40 by the end of March. Proven profits and a stellar business model to match. Literally no one in Michigan or the country is offering the things this company is offering.


      My concern is that if I ask for financing from somewhere the BK will be an issue and then when they do a credit check the "hard check" will also affect my rating.


      Does anyone have any experience in this type of thing to help me get financed? Or can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Thanks for all the help.