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    How do I pay my supplier so it doesn't cost me a fortune

    fishfking Newbie
      Hi everyone,
      This seems like a great place to ask this question.
      I would be interested in hearing from anyone in my situation or who had experienced something similar. Apparantly I am an alien...well, I may not be from Mars or Venus but I am not a US citizen and I do not live in the USA. I started an ecommerce website some time ago focused on the US market. I set up a LLC based in the US for my online business. I am having trouble paying my distributor for orders placed on my site. Because I am perceived as an international account I need to pay my supplier by money transfer prior to orders being shipped. The problem I have with this is that there is a $25 charge at my end for the wire transfer which eats up and consumes my entire margin. Clearly this is not sustainable in the long term.
      I would have thought that because I have a LLC and I can set up a US bank account ( I have not at this stage), I should be able to operate like any US based LLC...Do you think I am right in thinking this? My LLC is a registered business in the US and pays taxes in the US, I just do not live in the US....Why would I be treated as if I am an international customer or account when I have a US LLC?

      I would be interested in any thoughts you may have on this and particularly anyone that has overcome the same thing.

      Does anyone have any advice on setting up an American business bank account when they do not live in the USA? What bank is best?
      If I did have a US bank account, is internet banking a common way they you all pay your dropshippers? Do you have credit card or debit cards to pay dropshippers? Do you use paypal to pay distributors/dropshippers?

      Anyone with some comment I would be keen to hear from.