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    Reject customer service

    ezcashclick Newbie
      We have a hair salon. Sometime we have very picky customer, We try very hard to please them. But everytime they come back we have problem with them again. How do we can reject their service without any legal matter?
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          phanio Pioneer
          The best way is to just talk to them face to face and let them know that they are disrupting your establishment. Let them know that if it continues, you will not service them anymore. I think (not an attorney) but as long as you don't discriminate against them due to race, color, creed, sex and the rest you should be OK. Just document everything from here on out. When they come and disrupt - take notes of what they do and when they do it. Try to get others who witness to sign your note - this will protect you in the long run. You could also post a sign that your business can refuse service to anyone for any reason - put in on the front door - this gives everyone walking in notice.

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