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    How best to advertise personal chef service?

    ChefBrian Newbie
      I live near the University of Virginia (Charlottesville) and want to market my personal chef service to those who could afford it (e.g., doctors, lawyers, exec's, wealthy retirees, etc.). I've approached local country clubs and been told that they don't accept advertising for their members. There doesn't seem to be a local publication or site targeting my desired market segments. I've tried word of mouth through my wife, a physician at the university's health center. I'm loathe to spend money on lists and printing of flyers for a broad mailing swath. I've considered joining a national personal chef organization online to gain marketing advice, but I've always been suspicious of associations that promise help in advertising for a fee. I'd appreciate any creative ideas anyone could offer.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How best to advertise personal chef service??

          Great question Brian. My first response is FREE samples, but I have another idea.

          SCORE. SCORE on line and also your local SCORE office. SCORE is FREE and they should be able to help.
          Flyers are great especially at Universities and again going back to samples. Spending money on mailings are a waste of your money.

          Good luck and let me know if I can help you, LUCKIEST
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            SolomonRK Newbie
            Two things:

            One of the popular and effective ways personal chefs in my area promote themselves is to offer to each cooking classes. Two kitchen tools stores in my area offer classes and they always have guest chefs.

            Second, the old phrase "Find a need and fill it." applies, I think. Look for some specialty you can offer. For example, one thing that seems really hot right now is that people are looking for someone to teach them how to cook/eat healthy.
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              alytus Scout

              go with the buisness plan
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                wiseon Newbie
                I am going to offer some suggestions .

                1. Create a blog showing your best recipes (use tumblr or wordpress). Should have your contact information

                2.Do a Youtube Video of what your clients would receive and with the link to your blog in the video description

                3.Find The most viewed recipes and do a video response of your your youtube video with your blog in the description.

                4.Ping your Youtube video at

                5.Do a video pod cast of your recipes every week giving amazing cookery tips

                6 .Contact other blogs in your area and show them your recipes in your youtube video.Ask them to include your video to their blogs if they like it

                6.When your video get some serious views contact the professional organisers and demonstrate the demand for your personal chef service

                7. Offer consultation or Cooking classes for free for each organisations on your blog

                8 .Build your list and send them regular updates about cooking tips , advice and other products

                9. Promote your personal chef service

                Hope that helps in someway
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                    ChefBrian Newbie
                    Those are all creative and, thankfully, specific suggestions. I had thought about producing some pod/Webcasts, since I have a background in video/audio production and post.

                    I had a meeting with a SCORE rep today who suggested that, since I have copywriting experience and wine knowledge, I should write cooking and wine pairing articles for local publications and nearby wineries (I work part-time at a winery tasting room, describing the wines and suggesting food pairings and simple recipes). This could drive clients to my site, if not directly to me for business.

                    Thank you for your insight.
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                        lifechef Newbie
                        Hey ChefBrian~

                        i'm out in CA and new to the industry. I'm just curious how these things (hopefully!) worked out for you? What you may have had success with? i'm just trying to start my PC biz and so far haven't done any advertising, except running an ad online. I saw your website, it's quite nice! Simple and to the point, and humorous as well :-) I was thinking too, since you have the wine knowledge, if you could ever do a cooking demo at a wine shop, that would be cool. Handout cards and samples. Seems a good fit, people that appreciate wine, usually appreciate good food at home. I'm thinkin a demo at a farmers market this summer would be fun and successful.
                        If you have any tips, I'd love to hear from you, thanks for your time!