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    Inflabables for kids parties

    JOHANNARN Newbie
      I am an RN with little to no information about building up a bussiness, but I have the drive and the goal to open up a "kids party zone" As a mother of two, I have find my self booking b-day parties in soem of this chain inflabable places, where the have a party every 2hrs and they charge you a pretty high fee for the party. I have no where to start. I have thge design of what I want in my head, but I don't know where to find out what licenses to get, permits, all that. I have read the forum and I know there is some very qualified people to give me a hand, light some direction. Anything will be greatly appreciated.
      In advance thanks for your help!
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          There are a couple of basic steps you will need to take to move forward.


          First, determine what will be unique about your business - UVP (Unique Value Proposition). This may change as you go through the following steps I will recommend, but you need to start with a focus. Without a differentiating factor, you will be lucky if you grab customers as compared to the competition. You don't want to leave your success up to luck.


          Second, research your market to understand the local demographics, the potential competition (direct and indirect), vendors, marketing options, and joint venture partners whom can cooperate with you to make the locals aware of your business. It is during this phase that your UVP may alter.


          Third, create a business plan. If you require outside funding to launch your business, you will need a formal business plan. If you are starting the business with your own money and it is a small percentage of your overall net worth, you can get started with some basic goals coupled with a SWOT analysis.


          Fourth, you will need to set up your business structure (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp) and apply for your licenses. You can get with an accountant and a lawyer to assist or you can go to or for more information.


          I give more details on these steps on my site. The link to it is below.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


          The Solopreneur's Guide


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            susanabpf Wayfarer
            Dear Johannarn,

            Have you checked Score yet? Check them at believe they may be able to help you out. I haven't work with them myself, but have read several posts here about how they can help someone starting a business.
            Best wishes!
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Inflatable's for kids parties, Welcome Franny

              Where are you located?? Doug offered great suggestions, especially the business plan.

              Then there is SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

              Good luck, LUCKIEST
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