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    Equipment Leasing Tip

    jasmin03 Newbie
      Right Leasing Company. Dealing with the wrong lease provider may cause unnecessary problems. For example, you may encounter delays with the approval of your lease application or with the delivery of your leased equipment. Some leasing companies may charge hidden fees or may not provide the
      best customer service.

      To avoid such complications, it is essential that you shop around for potential business equipment lease companies with good reputation, stable financial condition, and an impressive track record of service.

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          alytus Scout
          ok , thanks jasmine, and i would add, if your going to lease, make plans 6 monthes in advance.
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              Danieljohn Newbie
              More Tips;

              I work for an Equipment Leasing company ( I would highly recommend not shopping too much because you will have tons of inquiries on your credit report. We often come across businesses that try to shop rates, and by the time they've finished shopping, they have lowered their credit score significantly and can no longer be approved for the same financing.

              Best of luck to everyone, let me know if I can be of any assistance.