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    generating business

    stylist7 Newbie
      I have more than 35 years in the industry of alterating clothes and custom dressmaking. i just finished my webpage with yahoo business .com. I need people to know that i have the hemmer,sewing machine, abd serger to do my work professionally. I have also worked for other tailoring shops here in mi.,but also had the experience of working with other tailors in Las Vegas, and Alabama. I would love the opportunity to generate some of my old clientele plus the new . can a girl get somm feedback. I know my professional hemmer will pay for itself 100 times over and that just doing hems for 8.00 a pr.
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          alytus Scout
          hello, i'm doing the same thing you are, useing all the free tools on the web, i also have a yahoo, and other outlets of marketing, be persistent. :)
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            DavidMcGuinn Newbie
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              Write_Now Newbie
              Take advantage of the free marketing tools out there, then slowly build an ad budget and hit some more traditional areas.

              Make a blog, Facebook Fan Page, Twitter profile, Linked In profile, etc. Participate in the social media scene, especially Facebook. They have more than 400 million users, even my grandma is on there! Then when you bring in some clients spend a bit of money. Take out a Facebook ad, buy or trade for sponsored posts in popular niche blogs (search them, they're everywhere), then if things really start going well, take out banner ads on websites your clients frequent.

              That's the plan I follow at least. I do most of my own design and writing though, so if you aren't doing that, there's a whole other PR/Marketing facet to it. Good luck!