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    How do you find the right investor?

    markh76 Wayfarer
      Being a control freak, I've got a business that is the volume is doubling every week. Yes everyu week. but it is limited by my time and capital. It's moderate risk due to the product nature. I have backup plans and so many options for expansions it's rediculous.. How do I maintain control while finding an investor to boost my growth.. I really don't want to be controlled or scammed..The potential is huge and working 18 hours day is getting old and limiting the potential growth...

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          alytus Scout
          you need a buiness plan with projections going out five years, and my advice, stock pile cash in FDIC accounts, reserve cash is king, good luck !
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            phanio Pioneer
            You just have to do your homework on the investor. There are many places to search for angel and venture capital (we even have a searchable database on our website) - but, you have to do your homework - then, read the term sheet and the documents before you sign. You can always dictate terms to the investors - they will take them or leave them.

            Or, get out in your community and find local investors - those in your community are less likely to demand huge terms and are more likely to follow your direction. You just have to get out and network

            Both take time and effort - but, if you don't put in the time and effort - you will get controlled and scammed.

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              markh76 Wayfarer
              Thanks for the tips.. Almost looks like I need and investor investigator too.. Guess the bp should come first though. It's taken me by surprise and the growth has hindered my ability to do anything other than process orders.. Mark
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                JBird2 Newbie
                What business start up owner is not working 16 hour plus days, if you want fewer hours work for someone else. Plus 50% of ten million is more than 100% of one million, find someone who wants to see things take off and make money, if a change helps make more go for it.