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    Help! What am i doing wrong?

    ShortSite Wayfarer

      Hi all,


      Ive a small business website design company, there is just myself who create the websites. I started this as a part time venture in 2008 and was hopefully looking to go full time, unfortunately this hasnt happened yet.


      I keep trying various ways to try to boost web sites customers, adwords (very expensive! there is a lot of competition for my line of work), blogs articles, paying someone for links etc, but alas it seems to no avail and i was wondering what other, more experienced people are doing to help market their business.


      The customers i have got are more than happy with the work ive done and they are quick to recommend me but there is only so much you can get with word of mouth really. Especially with a global market ive not seen the take up that id hope for after 2 years of trying to market my services.


      Ive had a few customers in the states that again are more than happy with my work ( & ) and i believe that costs are much higher for web design here so with my charges being relatively low id hope to build up a successful client list over here.


      My sites are aimed at small business and as im a small business myself i can fully appreciate that when starting out usually there isnt a great deal of cash to get started, thats why i aim my sites at the entry level but all my sites dont compromise on quality, all the sites below were just $699:



      So any ideas or suggestions on how to increase my marketing campaign would be greatly appreciated!


      kind regards,

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          letsmakedough Newbie
          Hi Simon,

          maybe it's not what you're doing wrong (so to speak), but what you may
          not have done yet. Remeber, your greatness is always ahead of you.

          Sometimes we get in our own way in life, which translates to many areas
          of our life efforts, such as running a small business. If in doubt,
          look to a more experienced advisor or consultant who has specific
          qualifications that best suit solution finding for your particular
          1. It sounds like you need a comprehensive, strategic \\ reconfiguration plan that includes targeted research which can identify \\ exactly where your most beneficial prospects are.
          2. Second, you might want to find truly unique but low cost ways of \\ branding and marketing your service(s) directly to a niche clientelle. \\ It's really hard to whisper to someone at a rock concert...that's what \\ you are doing if your business is no different from anyone else.
          Web design is a tuff business for various reasons; oversaturation is
          one. Maybe you might consider educating people on viruses, hackers,
          causes of security breechs, create easy back up and secure storage
          solutions, and daily "improper" computer use habbits that cause system
          and network issues for millions daily. There is a goldmine of business opportunities in just those areas alone.

          People need information and education to better their businesses and
          make more efficient useage of their money, time, tools and
          technologies. So, if you take a step back and think more
          strategically, you will find that you can reconfigure your business
          model to help educate your web design clients on the safe and proper
          usage of computers. Maybe producing short, simple "how to videos" that
          you can publish on Youtube regarding subjects like "choosing the proper
          web design for you business type" and practical online security
          measures, or solving common software and networking issues, etc., can
          help reintroduce your service to millions.

          Consider the costs (an attorney or paralegal to create "iron clad"
          service contracts, technical consultants, etc.,) involved in adding
          these features to your web design service. These steps may help you reinvent
          yourself and create a demand that translates into realizing and "sustaining" your goal
          of a full-time service.

          I'm sure you know that 99% of all computer problems sit in front of the screen.

          Chin up, chest out and go make some dough.


          I've posted a link below to a CNN article that may be interesitng in scope relative to the ideas mentioned.

          Good luck to you.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Limit your market. Pick one area you want to focus on and really target that market. Then, as business builds start to branch out. Example, here in the US - pick a city like Austin Texas. Focus all your marketing efforts there - craigslist, local newspaper ads, direct mailings, etc. This way you get the biggest bang for your limited buck. Then, as business picks up - spread out to other cities or states.

            If you are only using the web to market - it just takes time and endurance. Plus, keep trying new things until something sticks.

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              alytus Scout
              wow thats a lot of links