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    How Can I check my ein (Credit Check)

    realize10 Wayfarer
      im new to this and want to know how i can check my ein credit? how can i build my business credit profile?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Your EIN is just an Employer Tax Number and if you have not applied for one from the IRS - you don't have an EIN. To check your business credit - try D&B.

          If you are thinking about building business credit because your personal credit is in the dumper - remember, banks and other lenders know these tricks as well. For nearly 99% of all businesses - lenders will still require your personal credit history when making loan decisions.

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              realize10 Wayfarer

              Thank you, Already have my ein number nd my business bank account using all the business information and my personal info.
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                  ChaoticFate Newbie
                  I personally have never used my personal credit info for anything related to my businesses. Best bet is to work on building your business credit. It might take some time, but you can get loans, credit cards, and LOCs with no personal guarantee. But as someone stated go to DnB to find it. But by the sounds of it, you didn't set up your PayDex score, so you probably don't have anything on it and have no credit. At least according to DnB. You might have it at Experian or Equifax, but make sure you are looking at their business credit and not personal credit.

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