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    Finding Companies To Use My Advertising Services

    netdebut Wayfarer
      Happy new year, everyone.

      I started my own contextual ad network in October, 2006 and we are getting ready to launch in March, 2008. It will be capable of delivering ads via text, images and video through
      methods of CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPA (cost per action), CPC
      (cost per click) and CPV (cost per view).

      Added solutions are Interstitial, in-line
      text, co-registration and even email marketing. We are submitting patents on our programs before we release them for further testing in February. I designed a system that will generate more productivity in less
      time and man-power required than most that need hundreds or thousands of employees.

      Our method of ad delivery depends on ad type,
      medium, category, price-range, keyword, keyword bid, demographic, geographic,
      time of day, approval and much more.
      This is a self-service that gives each individual the control they want.

      Here's the big question. Despite all the powerful concepts I've come up with, how will I find corporations interested in using my services? Do I pick up the phone book and make cold calls? How do advertising agencies find clients?

      I have no problem finding publishers, they come in the truck-loads from all walks of life, since my services are available world-wide. So yeah, do I just look for a particular business category online, look up websites and give their director of marketing or CEO a call to setup a one-on-one discussion on the advertising opportunity?

      I'm curious to know how other advertising agencies are doing it and if you're a business looking for advertising, how would you have liked to be approached?
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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Approach me with HOW you will get my message across to MY audience at good cost.

          Don't try to flim flam me. Just because I do not know about what you do, does not mean I am stupid, it just means that your area of expertise is not mine. Don't try to take advantage of that.

          Don't use area of expertise language...use plain old english to make your point.

          Be when you are on the phone...believe it or not people can hear a smile! Be funny too.

          Tell the customer that you can do it all but that you prefer (note the word) prefer to work with their designers and copywriters...let the customer know you are a team player.

          As far as getting to first base with a company...doon't count on chatting up the CEO...find the person in charge and then cultivate the Admin Assistant or Executive Assistant. Trust me on make either of these people mad and the gate is shut forever.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            I do not know how other advertising agencies are doing. I am not in a
            business looking for advertising NOW.
            I am a Quickbooks Consultant, but how would I have liked to be
            Turning your question around.
            The answer is the same as why one picks an Accountant, Lawyer and maybe even your significant other.
            Sometimes it is luck, sometimes being in the right place at the right time or sometimes presentation.
            Take a step back, think outside the box and build those relationships that will help you succeed.
            A good Business and Marketing Plan will also help.
            Good luck in 08, LUCKIEST
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              LUCKIEST Guide

              net, read the following, it has points of interest, LUCKIEST

              6 Steps to Small Business Success

              1. Start Smart
              2. Plan Ahead
              3. Set up Systems
              4. Seek out Sales
              5. Aim for Growth
              6. Leverage Opportunities



              1. Start Smart.
              Identify a niche. Don't compete to be the lowest cost provider. Look
              for what makes your product or service unique and adds a special value
              for the client and charge for that value. Every business has many
              facets. Start with what you know and like; start a business that has
              meaning to you. Keep in mind that we don't know what the future holds,
              many of the jobs and businesses of tomorrow don't exist today. You can
              create your own success.


              Now is the time to dream. To start smart, you should like the idea of
              the business. The way to earn a good income and build wealth is by
              serving clients well, making their life better in some way-it's more
              than filling a need in the marketplace. To succeed you want to test the
              idea to make sure your potential clients like the idea too. Test your

              2. Plan Ahead.
              People often ask me why bother with a business plan? Look at the
              lottery as an example. You may get lucky and get the winning ticket,
              but the odds are against you when you rely on random chance. I'm a risk
              taker...but not that much, minimize the risk of going into business and
              maximize your potential for success. Take the time to write a plan of
              how you get from point A to point B. A plan gives you a clear future
              focus and increases your chances of success.


              The first rule of a start-up is put some of your own money in the
              business. As the owner you must be willing to capitalize the business.
              The second rule is put as little of your own money as possible in the
              business. Prepare your plan and look for funding for your business from
              multiple sources, which can include a business loan or business line of


              Don't go it alone. Plan ahead now to build your team. Your team may
              include a CPA and an attorney that you work with as needed. Add a
              mentor from your industry and get a SCORE mentor to help you plan for
              success. No one has all the answers. You get more ideas and information
              by building a success, support team that can help you plan ahead.

              3. Set up Systems.
              The most basic system every business should have is a good financial
              system. Ask yourself how am I going to generate enough income to
              support myself and my family. Begin here. Put together a personal
              budget, so you know what it costs you to live. Now, you can move on to
              the business budget and sales planning, so you can see how many sales
              you need to break even and make a profit. The start-up expense plan,
              operating budget and your accounting software are vital to your



              4. Seek out Sales.
              The daunting question is how do you go about seeking out your first
              sale. Recognize that since you don't have a big ad budget to be seen by
              everyone, you need to target a niche and get connected in your market
              community, be it local, regional or national. You need other people
              selling for you-not employees-goodwill referrals. Get out and talk to
              as many people as you can. Join organizations that would have clients
              for your product or service. Become a visible part of your market, and
              then ask for the sale. You begin the sales process with people that you
              know. Yes, it's okay to start with friends and family as your first
              customers, and then broaden from there.



              5. Aim for Growth.
              The basic tenant of creating a company is that you own the company. You
              are not just creating a job for yourself. It's less risk and less
              investment to get a job. Building a business is creating a company that
              is more than the job itself. Think about the future. How large do you
              want the company to be in terms of sales, net profit and employees?
              Your answer to each of these questions will influence how you grow.
              There are varying costs and profits associated with growth. It's
              important to make a deliberate choice early about how you want to grow
              your company.


              6. Leverage Opportunities.
              Good luck. Good fortune. Good timing. All play a part in business. As a
              business owner, be very clear about your core focus for the business
              and how it serves clients. Your core business is what pays the bills.
              Then, as an entrepreneur you are about opportunity. When you see a
              potential opportunity or stroke of luck measure it against your core
              business focus. Good fortune is great, when it matches your vision for
              the business. Always consider if a good opportunity is the right fit
              for your business. If something looks great, but it's not in sync with
              your long-term plan and budget, think carefully before committing your
              company's resources.
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                  netdebut Wayfarer
                  Good tips, David, but it seems to not apply to me at this point. I feel as if for me to get some new clients, I do have to do a few phone calls. Heck, I got a phone call yesterday about doing a spokesperson video ad that will cost about $3,000 for production and then $1,000 for the delivery of it each month. Then today, I got a call from a magazine company asking to advertise on their magazine. I'm sure I can do something similar to that and not be so pesky.

                  If anything, I will wait and see what my news release and email marketing will do. The magazine is definitely on the list of places to market my business and seek new advertisers and publishers into my own network.
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                  MobileMktng Newbie

                  Firts thing is to understand your space, you are actually not an advertsing agency, but rather a media vehicle, no different than TV, Radio or Print; your technology delivers a message, where an agency develops creative, strategizes a campaign, executes the plan and monitors the results on behalf of a client.

                  You have two methods by which to approach the situation.

                  First is to contact advertsing agencies and pitch your capabilities, they already have several clients on their roster, one call to an agency can get you several streams of business. Issue here is that you need to deal with agencies that 'get it', there are far too many that are traditional in approach and fear recommending and investing a clients money in an emerging technology that might fail. Generally they will lean towards the proven medias. If an agency has a Digital/Out of Home department or specialist, its a good sign that they the pulse and perhaps and understanding of products like yours.

                  Second is the client direct approach as many agencies will not give you access to their clients, very protective of the relationships and want to be in the 'know' at all times. Coming from broadcast TV sales, I always started my quest at the top; depending on the size of the company the CEO or COO could be accessible, if you are talking about a Fortune 2000 company, don't even try it, no chance you'll break through w/o some inside assistance. Nonetheless, there are plenty of high ranking executives capable of making those decisions in the larger organizations. There is a very good chance that should you reach a CMO or VP of Advertising, they're going to send you to their agency...this is where true salesmanship comes in. Do whatever you can to avoid that diversion, because in the end its the client who makes the decision, not the agency. Best way to position it is...'From my experience many agencies don't fully grasp the capabilities of this technology and how it translates into revenue for your company. In meeting with others who initially wanted me to speak with their agencies, but agreed to a face call, they admitted that their agency wasn't equipped to evaluate the incredible potential that this affords their business."

                  If you have pricing model that makes your technology accessible to small business owners, than look for the low hanging fruit. If a business is currently advertising in any of the traditional medias, than you know they see the importance of marketing and will be more receptive to your call. Don't waste time with those who aren't advertising, that's a philosphical discussion that will waste time, effort and bare no return.

                  Invest in a great website and SEO, you're on the cutting edge of technology, make sure you portray it in every aspect of marketing. However, there's no substitute for a great referral, work your email database of friends, family, colleagues and clients from the past, you'd be surprised how many doors you open. Most of all, cherish each client and treat them like gold- my first is so happy, he's blowing doors open for me that would have taken months for me to walk through on my own.

                  Hope that helps,
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                      netdebut Wayfarer

                      That has helped me in many ways. It's even better than getting funding by anyone here. It's helped me refocus my attention and has brought my enthusiasm up through the roof again. The reason for that is because you rang a note in my mind.

                      While I was out at sea on my 6-month deployment, I the Fortune magazine and found a potential partner. I looked up the $1 billion company through my 5kb Internet connection (makes dial-up feel like a T1) and emailed their CEO and have already started talking to him. He still wants me to come out to NY so we could discuss it more in person, but I can tell we will do something great together.

                      I'm now also in the talks with an organization that has a user accces base of over 3.5 million business owners. With our partnership, it will do a great deal for my business. I've also acquired partnership deals with, but it still needs to be refined.

                      Thank you for the advice and the boost of confidence. I know I can do this especially realizing the things I have accomplished thus far even as a small fry.

                      By the way, thanks for confirming that we're not an advertising agency. It seemed to be the easiest way to explain how my business works to other people who do not understand advertising at all. I like your reasoning more. That CEO from the Fortune magazine WAS an advertising agency, so I'm on the right track.
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                      MobileMktng Newbie

                      Thanks for the kind words, appreciate the sentiment; happy my perspective resonated. Contact info attached, feel free to shoot an email off line if want to address in greater depth. It seems that you have a broader range of technology than myself, be interested to hear more, may be some potential synergies down the line.
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                          netdebut Wayfarer
                          Hi Eric,

                          No problem. It was much needed for me. Ever since I got back from the deployment, I've been going to sleep about 10PM-11PM and getting back up from 3AM to 4AM. I fill in 4 hours of business work aside from 10-11 hours of Navy work. Any time between that is for my pregnant wife who is full term today so she's ready at any time.

                          I've looked up your site. Very good stuff and I definitely see a possibility of "synergy." Give me some time to finish up some blemish work on my site. I've written about 30+ pages of notes and I have to compile and organize them for my programmers to update for me.

                          Kind Regards,
                          Kevin Lam
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                          amynwesley Adventurer
                          Hi my name is Amy Wesley. I thought i might just take a minute to introduce myself. My name is Amy Wesley. I am owner and CEO of Nickels and Dimes Advertising. Nickels and Dimes Advertising creates, designs and prints original brochures, flyers, newsletters and business cards for business and personal use. Our website is So should you ever need any of the above, feel free to email me.