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    Back Links

    amspcs Ranger
      What are some effective strategies to getting good back links to your website?
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          vnavguys Tracker
          This is such a broad question, its a two week conversation. What kind of site do you have? What is your keyword strategy? Do you sell something or are you a blogger? More info can help with a good plan.
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            maximuskang Adventurer
            Hi there amspcs,

            I just wanted to follow up and see if your question was answered?
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                amspcs Ranger
                Nope, not really.
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                    maximuskang Adventurer
                    I agree that this is definitely not a quick answer. As Ozkary mentioned, sharing/starting great content topics on social networks is a GREAT way to get some qualified traffic, but remember that most social networks obey the "no-follow" tag. For those who don't know what the no-follow tag is, it's an attribute that goes in the code of the link that tells Google to not pass any "Link Juice" through. Remember that every link to your site is essentially a vote of confidence to the search engines, hence why link building is so important. Enough jargon...I'll try to answer your question without going into too much technical detail.

                    There are TONS of ways to build links. However, there are typically 5 main types of links that I show my clients how to build. Over the past couple of years, I've developed an efficient way to find these kinds of sites to build links. Oh, and by the way...these links happen to NOT use the no-follow feature and have high Page Rank. I provide the sites, my clients build the actual links. Without further ado, here are the 5 main types of link building:
                    1. Forum profiles - Create profiles on certain forums and strategically include your link
                    2. Blog comments - Tailor your message to the topic of the post and respond with an anchored link in the name section (must be rather careful with this method)
                    3. Directory submission - Just like it sounds, finding the right directories that will actually help and not penalize you...that's right...some directories can actually hurt your link profile
                    4. Social bookmarking - You can leverage these types of links with RSS pingers to not only get your site indexed quicker, but drive some targeted traffic to your site
                    5. Article submission - In my career, I have found these types of links to be the strongest types of links that are in your control. Writing great articles around your keywords will yield some very valuable authority
                    I hope you gained something out of this! Email me at RankingChannel@gmail.comn if you have any further questions my friend.
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                      maximuskang Adventurer
                      Hey there friend,

                      Just wanted to follow up to see if you had any more questions about back links?

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                    ozkary Adventurer
                    The short answers is social networks. The research and topic for this is a bit time consuming, but in short, you should look for social networks and post topics that are relevant to your business. Make sure to put a link as a reference to your site. To start, google Social network sites.

                    hope this helps.
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                      SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer
                      Tip # 1: Don't do it yourself if you're not expert. It's not worth it and has no effective outcome.
                      Tip # 2: Keep questioning raise more new questions.
                      Tip # 3: There is no end for link building process this is ongoing task. Blog, social network, .gov, .edu and .org is more effective links than .com and better PageRank and site age and relevancy to your landing page has more effect.

                      Define your golas and objective. You don't want backlink to have just backlink, you need traffic, serach presence, better ranking, reputation or ...

                      Ask SEO reputable company for proposal.,, or any others with good reputation, clear objective and measurable result.

                      They can assure you what do you get with how much money and maybe you need more SEO job befor link building.

                      But if you still want to do it by your own give us more specific information.

                      I hope this helps
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                          maximuskang Adventurer
                          Great input friend! I think one problem that small business owners run
                          into all the time is starting the link building from an article they
                          read and then not knowing where to go from there. There are hundreds
                          and hundreds of link building techniques. Unfortunately, only a few of
                          them actually work.