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    New website, need help where to start with marketing

    party.fouls Newbie
      Hello, My website is approximately 1.5 weeks old. In the first week I managed to have over 1000 visitors (is that good?) without any paid advertising. Currently I have an IT person doing a new site design, he is going to link my twitter, FB, and blog to the website.

      I am now looking to start more research into marketing/advertising. Unfortunately being a sophomore in college means I have little to no money. I have about $50 a month I can budget (for Now).

      What are my best alternatives once more content (listed above) is added to my site? Google adwords, facebook marketing?

      My website is an anecdotal college themed website.
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          jmjdirect Newbie
          The answers to all of your questions are dependent on what you are trying to accomplish with your site. As far as your activity if that was 1000 visits and they all became customers that would be great. The key is to establish what you are trying to do and then target your efforts towards that. Much of the linking your website to social media sites can be done easily and
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              vnavguys Tracker
              Do you know the source of the traffic and what and where they went? That is key. Yeah I can get a lot of traffic to my site in a week, but it does not mean a thing if they do not buy my product, click my links, leave a comment or do something I want them to do. Do NOT buy traffic. Here is what I would do, I would use twitter and facebook together. IF you budget is low, these are free. I would download Hootsuite and schedule a list of tweets so that you are constantly active. I would focus on adding people to your twitter list and go from there. I would then get a free wordpress blog and start blogging about your industry, making sure to add your twitter handle and connect the two. I would then bookmark the blog post on social sites and get the link ball rolling. I would next start writing articles about your industry, business, service or ideas. You can start submitting them all over the place. My favorite is Squidoo, you have control of the content and it passes page rank. Save the $50 per month and when you get to a decent amount hire someone to help you. Watch your analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and attack it from that venue.
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              Vilnius Industries Tracker
              hello, what do you do, ? share some info at the menbers page. congradulations on the traffic to your site.
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                phil.am_osi Wayfarer
                I think link campaign could help increase the traffic on your site. try hiring some that could help you that.
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                  1000 visitors in 1.5 weeks is great!

                  I agree with a few other comments here. What are you trying to provide with your site and are you attracting the right visitor?

                  If you have your target audience at your site, I would suggest building a list by offer some free product or information based on the theme of your site. You want to keep in contact with your customers.

                  Check that stats from your web host company (awstats) to see how people are searching to land on your site.

                  Incorporate some video marketing to push drive more traffic. Publish some articles and submit to article directories. They are both syndicated forms which will produce additional backlinks to your site.

                  Everything should be focused on your keywords of course. Keep adding fresh unique content to your site as well.

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                    SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer

                    1000 visitors in a week one is great. Activate Google Analytic to monitor:
                    1. Traffic sources
                    2. Time visitor spend on any web page
                    3. Bounce rate or visitors whiich left eash pages
                    4. Visit depth - how many pages each visitor visited
                    5. and more detail ...

                    Who are your target audience?
                    What are they looking for?
                    What do you have for them?
                    Can they find what they're looking for easily - your website navigation efficency.
                    2-3 clicks away rule - each web page must be reachable by 2-3 clicks away of your home page - Google guide line

                    Conversion tracking
                    What have that 1000 visitors done after landed on your website?
                    Is there any way to improve your conversion rate (read content - sell product or service - lead or any conversion is works based on your requiremets)

                    Target analysis - Market analysis
                    Who are you targeting?
                    What are your target audience interest?
                    How they can find you?
                    How can you do to let them know about your website

                    123 steps
                    1. Find your audience - generate traffic
                    2. Give them useful information or offer
                    3. Have a plan for them to turn back to your website or recommend you to others

                    By doing above 123 steps you can generate more traffic by every visit because more returning audience means you have loyal audience and more new visitors means you have good impression in the web and you can monitor these by Google analytic and most of them are free.

                    Do more resarch and be looking for more specific and actionable feedback.

                    Participate in blog to let other people know about your website but do not try to sell them just try to be informatic and usefull persopn.

                    participate on any on-line community which you think there are some possible audience and give them useful information to start building a channel for finding new audience ...

                    I hope this helps

                    Good luck