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    mickey7890 Newbie

      Stumbled across this site while researching FedEx. Have come across a couple of routes being offered in Texas from $84500-$90,000+. Supposed net
      being $64000 -$69000. This has been a great forum for hard to find information on FedEx routes. Appreciate all the info.

      Have a couple of questions.

      My commercial driving experience is not current. During the recession of the 80's, I drove a bobtail for a local freight company in order to make a living.
      Is there a way to get around the driver qualifications for FedEx?

      The trucks involved in these routes are P1000's & range in age from 2001 to 2007. Does FedEx have spec's on the age, etc of trucks used by
      their contactors?

      What happens when diesel runs up to $4/gal again, are the contractors reimbursed or do they absorb the additional expense?