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    slavaret Adventurer

      I've been running into the same ppl on different threads - LUCK, CC08, DD, Light, Nat, WeB, Ed, BDS - you know who you are. Feels like I know you.

      I am sure it's easy to find in the profiles what you guys do but I hope you'll forgive my laziness and reply with a paragraph with links what you do/offer (well, when you are not answering questions :)).

      I am sure others here who have benefited from your input will appreciate a reminder.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Happy New Year. Do you want to be " s " or " S " or even "slav "??
          If you go to the top of this page and click on "Forums" and then look on the right side of the screen,
          half way down, you will come to " Top Contributors "
          That should explain many of the WHO IS WHO.
          Feels like I know you too, LUCKIEST (not LUCK)
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            I am the Diva of all things domain design.
            I am a master of the universe of Microsoft Visio.
            I am meta cognitive and I love beautiful, serene linear logic and problem identification and solving.
            Read the profile at the right for the business off shoot of the strange world inside of my brain.
            (yes the voices in my head are audible)

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              NatOnline Tracker
              Happy New Year !

              I was in the graphic arts field for a long time in France, then came to the US to be with the woman I love. 3 years ago we decided to create Natural Elements after discovering the island of Kauai in Hawaii. We found wonderful Hawaiian people, and terrific Hawaiian skin care products.

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                LUCKIEST Guide
                S., To follow DomainDiva and NatOnLine, (happy 2008 to both of you)
                I am a LUCKIEST, a QUICKBOOKS Consultant with Onsite Support in the New York, New Jersey
                Region.Will help manage your Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks easily and
                in person, by phone or email.
                I can teach you or your business how to effectively use Quickbooks.
                Accountant love Quickbooks
                My business skills include Accounting, Advertising and Promotion,
                Bartering Products and Services,
                Budgeting, Employment Agencies Payroll, Recruiting, Trade Shows and
                Vending Machines.

                Lets this be a healthy year to all, LUCKIEST
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                  CorpCons08 Ranger
                  I am the president of a global SME and Corporate Consulting Firm.
                  We specialize in business planning, financial management (financing), restructuring
                  and rebranding, management consulting, and more.
                  We just acquired an Information Technology consulting firm in NY at the end of 2007.
                  Plans are underway to launch those consulting services in the first quarter of 2008.

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                      DomainDiva Ranger
                      ...and do you have at your service in this IT consulting a domain expert that can flesh out solutions to problems? ;)
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                          CorpCons08 Ranger
                          We are still working on deciding which services and departments we are planning on keeping and operating.
                          Why, what did you have in mind? CC08
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                              DomainDiva Ranger
                              When solving problems and deciding WHERE the problems are, Domain Experts are adept at seeing system links or non links and are able to tell where IT problems are quicker.

                              An example: I could not for the life of me get this credit card company to change the mailing address on my account from my home to my business. After the second call, and asking the service rep what she saw on the screen I was able to tell her to go to the processing service domain portion and change the info there. She had to get a supervisor on the line who had to get an IT guy, but I was not giving up...especially since UPS DUMPED three UPS packages on the front doorstep that contained credit cards and new account info. I now get all of my mail and bills on this account at the correct address. And the credit card company has changed the way credit cards are shipped. UPS now has to get a signature.

                              Most of your IT consulting will be for mergers and acquisitions and how to integrate two systems and IT cultures. Two sets of managers, two sets of coders..complete chaos. A domain expert like me can come in and identify the problems and get the two sides working together instead of against each other. We see problems (literally) and can see a solution (literally). We are whats called meta-cognitive, we identify problems, solutions and facilitate cooperation. This saves the client lots of money.

                              Email me at, my everyday address. I am happy to consult and my rates are very very competitive for this type of work. Have laptop, passport and Platinum AMEX...will travel. Since I manage my group online its really no problem.
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                                  CorpCons08 Ranger
                                  Your time to shine DomainDiva.
                                  I will be having my next managers meeting mid week next week.
                                  I am going to bring up your proposal as a partner to our IT consulting team.
                                  We may be able to work out a nice partnership there.

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                                      DomainDiva Ranger
                                      Oh and another thing, believe it or not there are Sarbanes Oxley rules and regs that have to be considered as well. So when doing any kind of IT consulting especially for M&A it is important that the SarbOx officers be a part of the company team assigned to the consultants. It has been my experience that if consultants work with the client and are only concerned about the clients needs then problems can be solved quicker and then thats when the referrals start coming in hand over fist...its really about making the information flow and who has access to what...

                                      Go in...identify...fix...go home.
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                              Lighthouse24 Ranger

                              "I'm the pro from Dover, and this is my favorite caddy." (+Hawkeye Pierce, M*A*S*H, 1970+)

                              Seriously . . . consultant, project manager, trainer, and author with an ownership interest in four small firms that offer these services. I don't "pitch" our products or services in this community -- just try to answer questions and offer perspectives that may help a new business owner who is going somewhere I've already been a few times. In the process, I'm learning new things and getting new ideas for future products and publications. And if I gain a client, affiliate, or friend along the way -- that just makes it better.
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                                ajohnsen Newbie
                                As a new member of the community, I joined yesterday, I am interested in knowing who is who and what everyone does or offers. To answer, I design communications cable plants for buildings and businesses in the tri-state area and have been doing it for 37 years. I have been an employee of major corporations, large consulting firms and have run a large cable installation contracting division in the past. I just completed my first full year as an independent contractor, having started in September 06.
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                                  0nebeloved Newbie
                                  newbieland: Imagine Utopia:-)!

                                  As i understand, it is a place and time; where all menof goodwill achieve- perfection!

                                  I too dream of it.a place of co sharing and harmony , and a time of peace. as wriiten
                                  in a gospel book(eclesiastes), i fantastically dream and hope of it stupidly:-)...

                                  Is it heaven? Ideally, it is...

                                  Sad, but all these things are just a state of mind.....
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                                    Ed O'Gee Adventurer
                                    1. I am a graduate of the University of South Carolina - Go Gamecocks!!!
                                    2. I am a graduate of the Moore School of Business (University of South Carolina) - Go Gamecocks!!!
                                    3. Spent 14 years in payroll sales with Ceridian and ADP as a sales rep, sales manager, sales trainer
                                    4. I current do sales training for small and medium sized businesses, focusing on training new reps
                                    5. My specialty is help reps with getting over the fear of cold calling, site stops, and really understanding the keys of prospecting
                                    6. In 2008 the modules I use to train my clients will be available for sale
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                                      CEO Space Scout
                                      I'm glad I found this post as I was wondering the same thing. Yes, I've read the profiles but this all in one place is good.

                                      I'm in Wichita Kansas but over my business life I've been coast to coast. I come from a large family and learned to work hard and get along early in life. I like helping people.

                                      My degree is in accounting and I'm a CPA. I've been an entrepreneur for most of my adult like and started several different businesses, did a lot in real estate investing, got involved in other investments, the forex, did some joint ventures and then retired. Got bored. Was told about CEO Space and joined because I am in alignment with their cooperative model and helping people.
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                                        designer Tracker
                                        I am designer....a jewelry designer.
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                                          Bridge Navigator
                                          Gregory L. Dupuis,
                                          Founder, Bridge Ventures, LLC
                                          Merger & Acquisition Advisors


                                          Mr. Dupuis has an extensive background in consolidating industries and an in-depth knowledge of mergers & acquisitions. He has a successful track record of completing over 200 transactions and has been in charge of the acquisition & divesture programs of both public and private equity sponsored companies.

                                          Over the last seventeen years, in addition to his mergers and acquisitions work, he has held executive level positions in finance, strategic planning and sales & marketing - all combining to give him a unique perspective in evaluating companies and creating value.

                                          Prior to founding Bridge Ventures, Mr. Dupuis was Vice President of Corporate Development at MP TotalCare, Inc. During his tenure with MP TotalCare, the company successfully grew its revenue from $25 million to over $160 million through acquisitions in less than three years and became a leading provider of diabetes supplies, wound care products, urological supplies, and respiratory medications in the U.S. Mr. Dupuis developed the initial debt financing structure to facilitate the company's growth, coordinated acquisitions (including target evaluation, valuation analysis, due diligence, integration, and banking relations), successfully launched a new product offering, and later took over management responsibility for 100+ sales force and marketing personnel.

                                          Previously, Mr. Dupuis was responsible for corporate development at Vitality Beverages, Inc. a private equity funded holding company owning interests in a variety of service and manufacturing businesses. While at Vitality, Mr. Dupuis coordinated the divestiture of numerous non-core divisions and worked on the financial restructuing for the company. Prior to Vitality, he held several positions with RoadOne, a subsidiary of Miller Industries, Inc. (NYSE: MLR), including Vice President of Acquisitions and Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis.

                                          Previously, he was an integral member of the acquisition programs for both Lincare, Inc. (NYSE: LNCR) and NMC Homecare (W.R. Grace & Co.). Mr. Dupuis started his career in the Management Development Program of Conoco/DuPont where he was responsible for divesting the companies non-strategic holdings.

                                          Mr. Dupuis holds a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Finance, Cum Laude, from Arizona State University and has taken graduate level business courses at the University of Massachusetts, University of Wisconsin, and Georgia Southern University. Additionally, he is a Florida licensed Real Estate Sales Associate and is an Accredited Merger & Acquisition Advisor by the Association of Professional Merger & Acquisition Advisors
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                                            DomainDiva Ranger

                                            best, DomainDiva
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                                              Iwrite Pioneer
                                              Iwrite is Derek Walker.

                                              A freelance (contract) advertising professional who has been helping clients address their marketing and advertising needs for longer than I would like to remember. I am in the middle of evolving from freelance to a full service advertising agency. It is more of a mind-set shift, I'm already doing most of the work now, but I need to move from project based assignments to an agency-client relationship.

                                              I freely share information here because the better informed you are the better decisions you can make.