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    One LLC starting another LLC

    Graytbiz Wayfarer
      My Businesses all revolved around technology services

      I have one LLC (LLC1) that I am the sole "owner" of and LLC1 and I created another LLC (LLC2).
      LLC1 is the holding Company and LLC2 is the operating company. Although I think I messed up when I made myself part owener with LLC1 of LLC2. (I hope this is able to be followed.)
      I have ended up only using LLC2 to have a DBA (because I don't like the name I chose for LLC2). I have recently decided to completely change my business model and appearance. I am now looking to start another LLC with the new company name to start doing business with. (LLC3)

      When I started LLC1 I aquired an EIN from the IRS and opened a bank account. I also created a DBA to cash some checks I had recieved for services rendered. I then took some of that money and created LLC2 from LLC1's bank account. I then aquired another EIN and opened an account for LLC2. I also aquired the same DBA as I had with LLC1 and opened a second checking account attached to LLC2's bank account to receive payments and make payments from that account. Since then I have closed the account for LLC1 and am not able to make any more financial transactions from it at this point.

      I am now looking to setup this new LLC and am wondering what is the best way to go abou this... I know how to get my own certificate of formation and could register for another EIN if need be.

      My new business plan includes
      -Technical Services Rendered
      -Retail sales of hardware and software
      -Warranty repairs
      and thats about it.

      What is the best line of action for creating this new LLC3 (I am looking to continue to have a holding and operating company)
      Should I just Register LLC3 with only LLC2?
      Should I create another EIN and open another bank account?
      What do I have to do about selling products?
      How do I work sales tax?

      Thank you for your time,

      Justin Gray
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          Bridge Navigator
          Why are you spedning so much time cretaing LLC's? You sound like you are a small business. One LLC is more than enough. Spend more time growing your businesses and less time forming LLC! Best of luck.
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            alytus Scout
            he's right, you only need one LLC, work on that. then mabey if you hit a million dollers per year then open another one.
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                UncleLeon Scout
                Alytus and Bridge, I respectfully disagree.

                Especially if your operational LLC is likely (or reasonably possible) to be sued, or to have claims against it.

                Nothing makes a company judgement proof as much as owning no assets. If the operational LLC leases or rents the necessary equipment, vehicles, etc. from another company (LLC#!), the operational LLC has no assets to loose in a judgement or other claim. That is only one example.

                I'm not a lawyer ( and I don't play one on television ;>) ); but there are oftern reasons for complicated organizations.
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                cschmitt11 Newbie

                Please contact me privately, I may be able to help you sort this out. I represent a suite of products designed for these situations. chrisschmitt1 at gmail dot com
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                  letsmakedough Newbie
                  No one can responsibly advise you until they properly understand your situation. In some cases this is impossible to accomplish in a posting forum.

                  The most important thing here is to sort out what you are attempting to
                  accomplish. Creating a business entity (e.g. LLC,) is usually only
                  "one" tactical aspect of a larger strategy. Annual state
                  business registration costs and local compliance fees add up. Each
                  entity you create comes with tax and fiduciary obligations that can
                  become quite expensive. Be careful.

                  If you'd like, send me a succinct email explaining your goals. I will try to assist if possible.


                  Best of luck and keep pushing forward.



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