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    Trusting a contractor

    hardwood Newbie
      its pretty simple CALL ME!!! if i dont do it i will find someone you can trust to do the job!! i hear horror stories all the time....i paid him ,he never showed up.....look at the work he did.....he didnt finish..........sad! 856-498-0667
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          Vilnius Industries Tracker
          there are lots of good contractors out there, but there not the cheep ones, so.... you get what you pay for : )
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              Carstl Wayfarer
              Contractors are a different group of business people, you should not give a contractor half down on a job, any decent contractor will ask for 20-25% beware if they want a large down payment. This suggest that they have no working capital and will be using your money to live off of. Only use contractors who have a real business, alot of so called contractors are in reality just guys who know how to do what your looking to get done. Deal with somone that you can look up on the BBB or someone that the Attorney General can contact. Get multiple bids on the job be educated before entering into the contract. hope this helps.
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              wilson518 Adventurer
              Sympathy.I heared this situation from one of mine clients.You must always keep an eye on your contractor.