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    Ever hear of "Site Sniper Pro"?

    amspcs Ranger
      Has anyone ever heard of a PPC tool called "Site Sniper Pro"? If you've ever used it, I'd be interested in hearing your thumbs-up or thumbs-down stories.

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          alytus Scout
          i looked up the sniper pro, that sounds cool, what it can do, it's like an offensive manuver on the battlefield
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              amspcs Ranger
              I've gotten a couple of 'reviews' from verious folks since I posted this message. Mixed reviews at best.
              Can't hurt, but whether or not will help also in doubt.
              You know the old saying, If it sounds too good to be true...........
              I'm a little skeptical, but also currious. Don't know if I'll give it a try or not.
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                  seoservicepro Ranger
                  I write a lot of reviews for new products like this one. My overall take about these new marketing softwares, techniques and courses are that you can usually learn something from them. Of course, some are just junk, but there are a few diamonds among the rough.

                  But when a sales letter starts with something like; "Seriously! If You're NOT Using The Placement Targeting Tricks I Know To Stealthily Swipe More Traffic And More Money From Your Competitors Then Your Marketing Is Incomplete, Over-Priced And Ineffective... And You're Losing Profits Right Now!", then I'd run the other way.

                  The sentence used there basically says this guy is the only one on the web that knows how to market products and services and if you aren't using his system, then you are just lost forever.

                  Secondly, marketers love the word "secret". They all have a "secret" to share with you that will make you rich. Good Internet Marketing and SEO strategies aren't a secret.

                  Anything that promises you that you won't have to work hard to make a profit on the web is simply lying to you. There are no magic pills. There are no secret formulas. You will have to actually work to make a profit on the web legitimately.

                  This person's sales page talks a lot about how much he knows about "placement targeting". Just search the phrase in Google and learn how to do it. You can save the $197.