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    ahmedk Newbie
      I have designed a new golf product. Is there any companies out there that specialise in making prototypes?

      Thank you.
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          InsureAnEvent Newbie
          Make sure not to show anyone. Get legal advice on how to go forward. To make sure your idea isn't stolen you need to have contracts in place before production.
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            I own a sourcing consultancy that has been helping start-up and small businesses locate reliable factories in China for over two years. I have experience in all aspects of the manufacturing process, from finding the right size factory to price negociation to import procedures. In addition, I have experience with arranging confidentiality agreements to ensure brand protection. If any of this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to contact me at the web address below. I would be happy to chat with you.

            Web Address:
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              Melbear2009 Wayfarer

              1. With this being a new product, it is important to stay US based when trying to find a manufacturer or get a prototype. Patent laws are not protected/enforced overseas like they are in the US and China will have your product out the door before you can get your hands on a prototype and get ready for distribution.

              2. There is a site that you can post your job (make a prototype or make hundreds/thousands of products) and US manufacturers go to bid on the jobs. It is the only thing I use because it is free and gives me competitive bids all over the US.

              Hope this helps you. Good luck with your new product.