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    startin clothing line. help needed.

    Ramael32MC Wayfarer
      Hi, I am looking to start my own clothing line. I have an idea, name and the logo. I am looking for manufacturers in US, overseas is ok too.Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
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          phanio Pioneer
          Have you contacted manufacturing associations or trade groups. These groups have manufactuers and disbributors as their members. They can help hook you up with the right company. Just search for manufacturing associations in your industry.

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            wordperfect Scout

            Ramael, Ramael, I was waiting to see if Luckiest contacted you.


            Your post is really vague, I mean "Clothing Line"? Men's, women's, children's, teen's, tween's, maternity, outdoor, ski, sport, sleepwear, babies, underwear or do you just mean a length of rope strung between two trees? Unless you give a bit more specific information it is really hard for people to give you specific ideas and help, maybe some think you haven't actually given it much thought, so may be reluctant to reply.


            Do you have a plan, a business plan with a defined marketing strategy? To me you don't really sound terribly sure about what you want or are going to do. Did you read Alice in Wonderland? Remember what the Cat told Alice?


            Now, I know this is NOT the help you expected, but maybe sit down, think about the business in detail, be objective, realistic, crystallise your ideas then draw up a plan. Find LUCKIEST from this forum, he can give you good advice as well as free help, BUT you need to have something concrete worked out.


            Also, go to your profile and stick up some info about yourself, again, if we know something about you then it helps and illustrates you are serious and are prepared to put some of your OWN effort into it. Maybe you will draw a few more practical, helpful replies.


            Apart from that it is generally good manners to introduce yourself when you meet a group of strangers not just go straight in and ask for help. It is a two way street.




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              marisa Newbie

              Would like to know who are you targeting? Women, Boys ....
              What quantity would you be manufacturing?

              Look forward to your reply, i can possibly help with some manufacturers around asia.