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    Looking to Purchase establ cafe-not sure how to find loans

    hlarocque_97 Newbie
      I am seeking to purchase an irish cafe which has been established. The business with all inventory, menus and name of The Cafe is being sold for 45k. How does someone go about seeking financing on a loan or getting capitol to be able to purchase. I am a female who jhas been out of work since November and feels this would be a great opportunity.
      I have worked in the food/restaurant industry so I am familiar with the particulars. I have no cash or assets on hand and credit is not good either.


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          As a realist with experience in this situation, I believe you have some challenges ahead of you.


          I sold my restaurant last year to a couple that had good (not excellent) credit, other sources of income to cover bills if the restaurant didn't make any money, insurance to cover disability or death and personal cash reserves to cover six months worth of personal expenses. With all of this, they were turned down by two banks before a third offered to back their SBA loan.


          With a tight lending environment, poor credit and no cash reserves or credit, you will most likely need to repair your credit and build your personal cash reserves or find a partner that can cover a down payment for a seller carry back (where the owner carries the balance of the loan) or the total payment. If you do find a partner, I still recommend that you repair your credit and build your cash reserve. Life happens and you may find that you need your personal cash reserves to keep you and your business afloat.


          I hope this helps. Good luck.


          Doug Dolan


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