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    10 Steps to Investing

    vivek042 Newbie
      10 Steps to Investing

      1. Review your current financial situation.
      2. Ensure you have adequate savings for unexpected circumstances.
      3. Ensure you understand the risk and reward involved in investing and spread the risk of investing by diversifying your portfolio.
      4. Ensure you understand the type of investment, the benefits and the risks of the investment you decide to agree to.
      5. If there are aspects you are not sure about or if you require advice contact an Independent Financial Advisor.
      6. Understand what charges you will incur.
      7. Check your investment performance on a regular basis.
      8. Keep documentation of your investments.
      9. Ensure you update your details if you change address/name.
      10. Use any tax breaks that are available to you such as ISAs.

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