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    greatguy Newbie
      hey, grear guy here. Seems to be a few in our community that I can relate to. I'm establishing an online business also. My biggest concern is exposure, How do I reach those in my target area via free advertizing or spending the minimum amount of money necessary.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          If I was establishing a business, I would contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE.

          To reach your target area, you need to develop a business plan.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              greatguy Newbie
              Thank You for your suggestion! My question has been partially answeared. Web site was hurriedly built and launched before my business plan was completed. I'm working on that now and hope to have it done soon.

              Thanks again ! Great Guy
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              Vilnius Industries Tracker
              hello, welcome to the forum. i'm excited as you are to be in control of my own small buisness : )
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                PipeLIner01 Wayfarer

                Welcome, good luck. My kids tell Facebook is where to be right now, my daughter is in the process of getting me going. I'm computer stupid alone.
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                  BalsamiqVal2 Newbie
                  What industry are you in ? If your customers are in front of computers all day, then yes, get on line (facebook, myspace, Twitter, Buzz, 4square are just the beginnings. Get bloggers to mention and review your product/service. WOM is your best friend, with paid advertising a distant second.) If your customers are not online (for example, mechanics or shop keepers or hair cutters), then you need to get where they are. More information about your business would likely get you more pertinent answers.
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                    My comments are not intended to be rude or disparaging, simply helpful.


                    I recommend that you change your site focus, name and content. It's hard to market (regardless of type of marketing) a business when it appears to be more about you than your customers. "My Affiliate Portal" indicates what it does for you as a business owner and not what it does for your customers. Your site name indicates that you want to set up an online portal where you can put a variety of affiliate products to sell to anyone that comes by. It leaves potential customers wondering, "what's in it for me?"


                    You can accomplish the same goal if you define a focus for a specific customer niche, find the affiliate products that benefit that niche, create a site name that ties in with the niche and then market specific to that niche.


                    As BalsamiqVal2 writes, you don't market the same way to all demographics (i.e. content, medium, etc...). You need to have a defined target audience, determine where that market goes to find information on products and services that solve their problems and satisfied their wants. From there, you can identify appropriate methods to grab their attention and convert them into customers.


                    I hope this helps.


                    Doug Dolan


                    The Solopreneur's Guide


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                      alvinm Wayfarer
                      Hello Great Guy,

                      First of all congrats on setting up your own business. Secondly how to market online? Well there are many ways to do that. It also depends upon the nature of your product. Can you place a link of your website or briefly define what its all about so that I can lend you a helping hand.

                      For free advertising, use social networking portals like face book and twitter. On face book have your own business and fan page. Create a buzz. Pass the word to your friends as well so that they too can invite their friends to can pass the word.

                      Article marketing is another effective way of going about the things. Publish your article on ezine and other article submission sites. Along with that there are many small business networking portals, a community specially for small business owners you can sign up there and make friends and expand your network. There you shall also find people who are in need of people to help them out. You can make business there.Check out they have a list of such networking portals.

                      Make sure that your site is SEO based. Use SEO tactics to generate organic traffic to your site.

                      And last but not the least, make a blog where you can publish posts and give updates as to what's happening and latest news in your relevant field. Allow your customers to participate and give their opinion.

                      Hope it helps. For any further queries feel free to ask any question.
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                        letsmakedough Newbie

                        Free Professional Exposure: is great. The community is well developed, focused and millions of the professionals online to connect with. You may strike barters with other professionals that can save you money.

                        If you want to help your clients know what your business is all about and brand your business, (depending on your service model) you may consider creating simple informational videos about your services (you can create them yourself, through a barter, or with the help of a professional videographer) and uploading them to Tens of millions of people vist this site daily, you can easily harness a portion of that traffic and direct it to your website(s).

                        Same is true of the other social networks but just be sure the social network audience fits your marketing targets.

                        The very best of luck to you!

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                          alytus Scout
                          look up the targeted audiance in the local section of yahoo, then e-mail them about your services