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    Start up suggestions are appreciated!

    loviexox Newbie
      I am in the beginning process of starting up a small women's clothing boutique. I have done my research, written a business plan, attended some SBDC classes and am wondering if anyone with experience could help me envision the first "real" step I need to take. Any additional tips or words of advice are MUCH appreciated!

      Thank you!

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          alvinm Wayfarer
          hello there,
          good to see that people are encouraged to set up their own businesses. Well capital is the most important tool and since you have said that you are done with research and capital then i'm sure you must have taken care of that. Next would be to do an indepth step by step planning i.e. of 3 months, 6 months and minimum 1 year so that you can evaluate your progress later on. break your target in to small tasks and make sure that you complete that within the allocated time.

          Apart from that my best advice would be to consult a trust worthy, experienced and knowledgeable person who can guide and move you up from mere paper work to actual establishment of your business.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Start up suggestions. Good answer from Alvinm.

            I would be happy to read your business plan and then offer additional words of advice.

            Go to Members page and share some info.

            Good luck
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              loviexox Newbie
              Thank you both! Yes I have taken care of capital as well. The planning breakdown is a great idea I will start working on that. As far as sitting down with people and turning my plan into action- the question I have is, who do I go to first? I don't want to waste anyones time by not doing my due diligence and make rookie mistakes. Do I need to go to a lawyer first? An accountant? The bank? A commercial real estate agent? Anyone who has done this before that could give me perhaps a checklist in the order of who I need to see/what I need to do I would really appreciate! Thank you all again! Your input is much appreciated!
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                latydesigns Wayfarer

                hi dear always concider to sponsor local schools in their events that will be great help to get customers
                congratulationes I'm in the same proces but i'm looking for an associate to share expences and earnings
                need more advice write me