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    Trying to help businesses, where are the posts?

    envisionary Wayfarer
      This is a quick little frustrated rant. When I first joined this forum, my posts seemed to show up fine. Now, they have to be "approved" or they just vanish. I'm not posting anything illicit or spamming or the like. I'm just trying to reply to people's posts and give helpful information - like free info on building business credit and growing your business. So why does everything have to be such a challenge now? I did put some a link in a post - it was to help someone get some useful info. Does that mean that all of my posts are under a microscope now?

      I'm doubtful that this post will see the light of day, but just in case it does here's a quick recap of the info that I'm trying to provide:
      • if you need some free information on how to build your business credit, look at my profile and hopefully the link will still be there (email me if it isn't)
      • if you need some help with business loans or financing, email me and I'll tell you where I send my clients (for US businesses only tho)

      If the moderators read this, would you please give me a clue of what's going on? I'm not being disruptive or unruly - I'm trying to be a helpful member of the community. Any way I could get a clue on why my posts are experiencing such challenges?
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          wordperfect Scout

          Hello, I commiserate with you, as do several others, however this issue has been raised before, most recently by The Diva towards the end of 2009 and on several other occasions since I have been a member, about 6 months.


          This isn't a criticism of you, just to say you are not alone, it isn't personal, others experience it, 2 of my last 5 posts have been met with JIVE website explaining site problems!


          I know there is a FAQ section here, but maybe there could be a better way to SEARCH for things like this, I mean, a string into a search box using key words such as missed, deleted posts etc might throw up existing threads on the subject which could alleviate your frustration and at least give you some answers?