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    Looking to sell online.

    cheese.dip Newbie
      Hey guys,
      i'm looking to sell online with a shopping cart. Any recommendations?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Looking to sell online.

          Who are you?? Where are you??

          Have you developed a business plan??

          *How long have you been in business??*<!--Session data-->
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            amspcs Ranger
            You need several things, not just a shopping cart. You also need a merchant account and a secure gateway. Do not make the mistake of buying a proprietary solution that bundles all'll lose all your competitive leverage and the sellers will have you right where they want you. Review the pages on our site (see below) to educate yourself a little on ecommerce.

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              Vilnius Industries Tracker
              you should build you brand, build a profile on this site, and on other sites, make a buisness plane
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                anurag751 Newbie
                Use OScommerce or ZenCart both are open source and fairly powerful
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                  vnavguys Tracker
                  I would go to and contact them. They do coaching on this very subject and can save you a lot of money and steer you from bad advice. There is a contact form on that site.

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                    PaulB_oz Newbie
                    I have not used personally but have heard a number of good reviews for 1shoppingcart
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                      SunnyStuff Wayfarer
                      If you don't have any tech skills/knowledge, then you're best to start with a Yahoo shopping, Network Solutions, or any of the other 100s of available HOSTED e-commerce platforms. You'll pay a (relatively) low monthly fee and it will get you set up quickly and easily with the basics.

                      If you have some tech know-how, you may consider one of the open source platforms. Magento is one that is growing rapidly in popularity and you can find a host for as little as $3/mth. It is very easy to set-up and has some pretty powerful features. Though it will take some work to customize the look'n'feel. You can do this yourself, if you know how, or usually find a contractor that can do it for ~$5k (less if you go off-shore, but there are other headaches that may come with that).

                      For, I went the Magento route since I have some programming know-how.
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                        aaralyn Newbie
                        Ya why don't you try internet marketing techniques for selling.


                        Web Business
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                          madyson2010 Newbie
                          Several things to consider to start selling online especially if your selling digital products or not.Starting from scratch is very hard and tedious,I am not here to discourage you but this is a fact.

                          The must guide:

                          1. You must have a business plan
                          2. You must know where to get the products (if you are selling like clothes,shoes and etc you must know where to buy it in a wholesale price) or consider dropshipping if selling digital products you must have it on hand and not old, crappy digital products.Big competitors out there.Selling these product take time and investment.
                          3. If you have all these,next website design.You must have a good and appealing website design to beat your competitors.
                          4. Advertising-this takes a lot of effort and money.Don't make a site and after that you just let it lay down and not doing anything.Advertising is a MUST.As everyone knows NO TRAFFIC-NO MONEY=NO BUSINESS

                          In my opinion the one of the easiest to sell online is selling affiliate products.
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                            seanyg Wayfarer
                            You have a couple of options:

                            1) An all in one solution that is easy to set up.

                            2) A merchant account by itself.


                            An all in one solution like Paypal or 2Checkout or is great because its quick and easy to set up. Things like chargebacks (refunds), refunds and so on are handled by these companies and not you. The only downside is that the fees are usually higher. Between 5 - 10% depending on the service and the features.

                            The other route is to go with your own online merchant account (business bank account online set up to recieve ecommerce money). To set this up you need three things 1) Shopping cart (,, 1shoppingcart etc) that takes the users information, 2) a payment gateway ( to take this info and clear it with the bank to approve transaction and 3) a merchant account to deposit the funds into. This setup can take months to get working right and the monthly fees are higher ($150) but the transaction fees are lower.

                            When starting out I recommend that you use a quick and easy all in out solution like Paypal. Its a lot easier to set up and use. The difference in % in transaction fees isnt a big deal when you're starting out. Keep in simple! :)

                            I hope this helps!


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                              wcgreiner Newbie
                              The cart that im using and that works great is called cs-cart here is my website that I made with it . If you have any questions you can message.
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                                Imayday Newbie

                                When looking for a shopping cart, you must make sure of the following principles:
                                1.the payment gateway compatibility
                                2.performance- quick,easy,reliable
                                3.capacity -unlimited products?
                       for general ambience and response times

                                Besides the basic principles, a good shopping cart should include must-have features listed below:
                                1.Search-egine Friendliness
                                2.Sufficient promotional tools: up-selling,cross-selling, gift certificate, coupon, tell a friend
                                3.Product Review
                                4.Flexible Pricing Mangement: promotional pricing for any product,customer,frame and allows for quantity-based pricing
                                5. Import/Export of your catalog
                                6.Solid Analytics&Reporting
                                7.Integrated shipping and payment gateway, Don't forget credit card
                                8.Copy of Transaction
                                9.Newsletter functions
                                10.RSS feeds capable

                                You can try TomatoCart. It is branched from osCommerce and very easy to handle. Even without professional knowledge in coding, you can get familiar with it fast and control it flexibly. The multi-window supported and clearly divided back end is very user-friendly. The comprehensive feature list is sufficient for you to set up your online business.
                                It is a free shopping cart, you can try demo at before you make up your mind. And you can turn to the free user guide or forum for help if you need.

                                Hope my answer is helpful to you.