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    Tips for using Sales 2.0 Techniques to Grow Your Business

    marketingpro Newbie

      If you own a business and/or you are in sales or marketing then you are challenged every day with developing new sales leads and closing more business. You've probably noticed it is becoming much more difficult to reach new prospects too. This is because technology and information is changing your prospect's behavior and work environment.

      Here are some helpful tips to use information and technology during your sales and marketing efforts to be more successful. These tips help you work smarter:

      #1. Identify what "sales triggers" (sales intelligence) are common within your industry to find prospects that have an immediate need and are ready to buy. For example. if you sell to CTOs and Director of Technology, or IT Manager then example sales triggers / sales intelligence might be a "Management Change" or "Companies Relocating" or "A Company Awarded a Large $15 Million Government Contract". All of these sales triggers indicate a CHANGE within the organization and possible the need for the company to buy IT / Telecom related products or services.

      #2 Use social networking to build relationships and referrals. The days of cold calling are dead. There is a lot of great information available on the Internet (such as where you can find new relationships / referrals and make "warm" sales calls.

      #3 Automate your sales prospecting process. If you are not finding new sales opportunities every day then you need to work on a process that will. If you are receiving new leads / prospects daily then you need an easy to use system to manage them. Often times new prospects "fall through the cracks" because businesses lack the necessary internal sales / CRM tracking systems.

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