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    Businesses can't name Wire Transfers

    val.balsamiq Newbie
      I run a small business and use BofA for my banking. We receive a lot of Wire Transfers, but BofA won't let us name them. How are other small businesses managing incoming funds that have generic names? It's difficult to tie them to our invoices!
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          phanio Pioneer
          Can you not track them by customer? or amount?
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              BalsamiqVal2 Newbie
              We get too many to have to search each transfer to see if it matches the sale amount. And the customer name isn't shown in the visible line in our account (just the transferring bank), so we need to open each transaction to see if there is a name in the next field that matches our invoices. If it does, great, but since we can't rename them, we need to review every wire transfer several times. BofA says that renaming a wire transfer is a feature that business customers cannot access, only consumers have this feature. (This seems lame to me: how many consumers get as many wire transfers as businesses?)

              Thanks for trying. Would welcome any other thoughts.
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              bigbellyfoo Newbie
              We have the same problem for years. Our clients sometimes pay 1-6 months in advance, anywhere from 1-3 invoices at one time. I've long had this issue with BoA, and all I can do is call a rep on the phone and have them read me all the details for the wire. Not very efficient, but it gets me what I need.