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    female clothing manufacturer needed

    jojo2928 Wayfarer
      Hello, my name is Jolyn and I am looking for a female clothing manufacturer for my clothing line for this summer. Starting my own clothing line has always been my dream, but I never got a chance to give it a try until now. I want my clothing to start up similar to Forever21 if anyone is not familiar with this brand, here the website and you can have a look: . I want my clothing to have a variety of design with average fabric and have the price from 10$ to 50$. Therefore, I am looking for a manufacturer with very reasonable pricing. I am hoping to find a manufacturer right here in the US but with my budget, I might have to go somewhere outside the US. As of right now I have about 50 design, and I am planing to make about 20 to 30 for each design, which mean I needed about 300 to 1000 clothing. If any of the manufacturer need to leave me a reply, please include a brief info of the manufacturer and an email where I can reach (I will send 2 picture of the similar clothing that i will be making to get the quote). If the manufacturer is outside the US please give me an idea of how you might import the clothing back to the US (if there is a good idea, I don't mind working with oversea).

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          adminamara Newbie
          Hi Jolyn,
          My name is Ajesh and we are a full service buying/production house based out of India. (BTW....Forever21 does major portion of its production in India).

          Let me clarify a few things for you. Firstly, you are right to think that for your pricing range you will have to source your production overseas. Secondly, since you are just starting out your production runs are very small and in the clothing jargon they will be termed as sampling runs, which come out to be more expensive since the material going into them is bought in limited quantities and usually at retail pricing than wholesale or bulk. However, one way to work around that is to use what's available in surplus or use fabrics which are currently being used at the factory and could be ordered extra to meet your requirements. But again, we could guide you better on that once we have an idea of your designs & specifications and how flexible you are in terms of fabrics & colors. Thirdly, you must have a good plan & timeline to step up your quantities b'coz the factories work hard and compromise on price initially only if they are assured of a long term relationship & growth.

          Honestly, your best approach would be to go ahead with giving out a couple of designs with specifications on fabric, trims & sizing. We'll then furnish samples and quote prices based on minimum quantities required along with the lead time reqd for both production & shipping (it requires more time but is cheaper to ship by sea). Importing the goods into US is subject to import duties based on the kind of garment type. Like I said before we are a full service house & will provide you door to door with custom clearance, however we'll need to your base in US to quote correct freight.

          Looking forward to hearing your views, comments & further questons.

          Ajesh Arora
          Amara Amour, Inc.
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            adminamara Newbie


            Please send email to

            In anticipation

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              StuffsSeacher Newbie
              Hi there! I'm very interesting to do a business with you. I lived in Melbourne Australia but I do have the connection in China. If you are interest do deal with me, you can email me your designs. I can arrange the samples and prices for you. More details email me pls!! Hope i won't be too late to read your forums!!

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                Melbear2009 Wayfarer

                If you are looking for US based, I would use This is the best place to get RFQs from different clothing manufacturers all over the US. You post your job for free, and manufacturers can bid on the work. That way you get the best possible price. I always try to stay US based, before going overseas, it is so much easier- especially when you are just starting.
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                  realpiscosour Newbie
                  I have a clothing manufacture company in Peru. My e mail is . perhaps it helps. Cesar
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                    serina Newbie
                    Hello Jolyn,

                    Glad to know you here. I am from China, and engaged in brand replica shoes and authentic stocklot apparel wholesaling in China. We are also providing various high quality authentic FOREVER21 apparel stocks with washed mark and some with hang tag at cheap price. Expect to build a long term business with you in near future.

                    Could you kindly send the clothes picture you require to my email pls? Than we will quote and give you more details soonest.


                    SKYPE: serinallj