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    China sourcing

    wordperfect Scout

      This post is inspired by the numerous other posts I have seen in my short time as a member asking for info, help or advice in finding goods,sourcing products to sell or having items made and usual flurry of one post new visitors proclaiming themselves as China suppliers and offering good deals. I have spoken at length about this before, there are some really good suppliers in China, but also some who are downright dishonest so you need to be wary.


      So, I offer this link, hopefully it will be accepted by mods,from my in-box for those who may be contemplating sourcing ex China. I have been many times on behalf of some of our clients, so I get their "junk mail." It is a well organised show and you get to talk face to face with the manufacturers thus bypassing some of the shady and shoddy "suppliers".


      Of course as always in business, it is "buyer beware" but if you can afford it, it is well worth the visit. If you have any questions you can contact them via their site, or I can try to answer for you, contact details are also on my site.


      And no, I do NOT get any commission from this... sadly!